Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cure for the Pastel Blues--and Laundry Soap Update

I've had this Laurel Burch fabric for years.  I really hated to cut into it, knowing I could never buy it again--but wait, what good is fabric in a drawer?   I needed to make some pink/green blocks for a lotto and didn't want to use pastels.  I found my hand dyed fabric--actually it's more of a deep rose color than the red shown in this photo.  I'm not sure I'm happy with the block, but I have a few more pieces cut for this and I'm on to some pink polka dot next since I've used up my pinkish-red hand dye.  I wanted to cut as big of pieces as possible as the print is a rather large print, but it doesn't show the butterflies as well as I would have liked, but I'm using it up and it's going to kids quilts and that is my object.  When I bought it, I had been dubbed "Butterfly" by my friends and this seemed to capture that nickname well, but I've moved on and claiming just plain old "ADHD".

 Six blocks now ready!

On the subject of laundry soap, so far I'm liking my home made laundry soap.  The Fels Naptha soap is working well, and the smell isn't pungent, in fact I can hardly even smell it.  I've not used fabric softener in my sheets or towels or cotton loads like jeans and the clothes are coming from the dyer soft and non static.  So for the price of the soap, I am pleased with what I'm seeing at this early juncture.  I am still adjusting downward on the amount of soap I'm using per load as we have soft water.  I've been using about 1/2 cup and maybe I can go to 1/3 cup.  It really doesn't seem to take a lot to get things clean.

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QuiltSue said...

What great blocks - and they're certainly not pastel.