Monday, May 9, 2011

Impulse Buying and its Consequences, No Buy Challenge and Odds and Ends

The life of a quilter lives on through the quilts made.  The buying purchases of our past sometimes plague us for seemingly endless hours!  

I seem to have difficult relationships with pastels.  When I see certain pastels, I seem to fall in love with them and sometimes even purchase them.  But, by the time I get ready to use them in a quilt, that love affair has ended.  This spring I've been trying to use up some of those ill fated purchases.  This last week, I've made two tops I'm donating to a beginning long arm quilter for her to practice.  Some of the fabric used was donated to me from the stash of Helen who was an avid quilter for Wrap Them in Love Foundation.  It's a blue/white print and I'm oh so sick of it.  There was I think maybe 7-9 yards of it.  I now only have small bits in my "crumb" stash.  In that box there's enough of that blue/white for backing for both of these tops.

I will gladly box these up and bid farewell to them.  I am sure that someone will love pastels more than I do.

I also boxed up some blocks given to me and I dutifully intended to make them into quilts.  Respectfully for the person who stored them, they were her UFO's for a reason.  She'd fallen out of love with them or had found more fun fabrics to work with.  There is a quilter in Ohio who makes lots of "pigs" into beautiful quilts for many organizations.  I know that my "pigs" (projects in grocery bags) will find their way into a useful, practical quilt.  One more for an adult.  I will send along some fabrics that have lost their zest for me--ones not specifically for me, or kids, but fabrics that someone might just love.  Gladys has a way of making ugly fabrics beautiful and if they won't fit into a quilt nicely, she'll make them into a bag/tote.  I also sent on to Gladys were two tops like this one:
I didn't get a picture of the second one.  It reverses the blocks with the big squares in the off white mix and the dark squares around the edges.

Also an impulse purchase was a block of the month commitment.  I've made a block each month from some of these fabrics.
  I love the fabrics and have been especially drawn to red lately--but what am I going to do with another quilt.  This is a BOM from a local quilt shop and so the fabrics have a $ price tag above what I usually pay.  That being $9 a yard.  This store is usually a bit lower retail than others, but now I have $135 into just a top--that's with the fabric purchase, my late fee for not being in town on the 2nd Saturday and the purchase of the borders etc.  Nothing in my stash compliments this well for the backing, but I'm going to wait to finish the top before I decide.  I have 9 blocks made and 3 more months to go.  I don't think I'll ever do a BOM again!!  The store midway through can't get more background fabric anywhere and I'm wondering if I have enough for those three blocks.  

I suppose every quilter has a story like this one...

So, for me for the remainder of the year, I'm on my own "no buy challenge." 

I may find myself getting into some bins that have coordinating fabrics and come up with some unique or scrappy quilts.  I may get tired of what I have and send more off to someone who will finish up my mistakes in buying.  Personally, I could use some new shoes instead of quilt fabric, so I'll be looking around for a hard to find 9.5 N shoe that feels great--that could take up to 9 months!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I so agree with you. When the fabric no longers appeals - pass it on. Someone else will see the beauty in it again.

Mary said...

I did one BOM and never again, the cost was a lot more than it was worth and I didn't like working in that format either.

I'm not good with pastels either so other than some lights for backgrounds I tend to stay away from them but you made good use of yours.

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats to you on realising that it is very 'freeing' to pass on the less loved fabrics to someone else. This will free up your creativity to work on something YOU can love :)