Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Cold, Wet, and What Should I Do Today?

Looked outside and saw cloudy, cold weather and DH's productive work over the last few weeks:
 And my small contribution:

The plants are loving the moisture--but I'm sick of it!  I WANT SUN!!!  Mind you, the area isn't in a drouth, or a flood--yet, but I'm complaining about the weather.  Cold today and I'm in no mood for the cloudy, cool weather.

I could put the final border on this and send it on to the quilter:

as I've already decided I don't want to quilt it!

Or I could work on this:
From a sewing area that looks like this:

Or I could call the chiropractor and get my body adjusted as it REALLY NEEDS it!!!
Or I could avoid it all and go into Salt Lake and see Jane Eyre--we've been talking about that and the weather has been so good the past few days that we didn't want to take the time away from the gardening to go to a show and yesterday we spent with DMIL for her 94th birthday and she's just getting too old to go to the movies anymore--so what will it be?
I'm thinking call the doctor first--get an appointment, fill in some time with the strips, take a long bath and go to the movie.  A little self indulgence never hurts and it just may help this old body!

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