Friday, May 6, 2011

Pattilou's Soap Opera

Recently I got an email of how to make laundry soap.  Having made good old fashioned lye soap in the 70's I was interested.  This looked much easier.  Now, I have to say that I loved the laundry when I made my own soap.  The downside was when I had to get a small amount of hot water in the washing machine to dissolve the soap.  I could do that, but when my kids started doing their own laundry, I had to go to store bought laundry soap to make it easier for them. 

Okay, I started the process
 I grated some Fels Naptha soap from a bar--easy peasy.  Regular bar soap can be used, but I've used this soap for cleaning spots from laundry for lots of years.  The bar lasts forever for doing this and I still had part of a bar left.  I used that and then half a bar of the Fels Naptha soap.  (found in the laundry section of some grocery stores--I couldn't find it at Wal Mart and went to the local Smith's)

Next I boiled the soap:
This soap was a bit fragrant and I may not use it next time.  We'll see.  I'll give this a good trial run.  The soap doesn't smell too bad today:

Kind of a lumpy, gooey soap.  I'll try to break it up and use it from an old laundry soap container from Costco.  If not, I'll scoop it from a smaller container I'll put in the laundry room.  Right now this is in the garage, while I use the end of my prepurchased  laundry soap.

Heres' the link to the complete directions with pictures and prices and visual guide

That's all for now.  I've got to do a few loads of wash to use up all the old laundry soap and try out my new soap.  I'll let you know how I like it.

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Lori said...

homemade soap--I've used this recipe several times and could use a batch right now.