Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away! Come Again Another Day!

This morning we slept in.  We shouldn't have.  We woke up to full window wells in the basement windows and the back yard looks like this:

While the weather here has been cool and so far there isn't a lot of flooding from the 200% of normal snow pack in the mountains, I think the worst is still too come.  I didn't hear rain last night, and it was a gentle, steady rain, but oh, how I'd love the sunshine.  Good thing it is predicted for tomorrow.  Still, it'll come as a mixed blessing because when it comes the snow in the mountains will melt.  We live on a flat plain of what used to be the Old Lake Bonneville that once covered this area.  ...could it be starting again?  
I suppose griping is normal.  At least we haven't lost our house to a tornado, or a hurricane or some other fact of nature.   ...And most important for me is that we do have a house.  So, quit yer griping, Pattilou!

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Louise said...

I'm sorry about the flooding, and hope things will dry out soon! I too tend to get discouraged when Nature causes problems like that. There are thousands of folks worse off & I have to remind myself to be thankful!