Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Graduation Quilts???

Years ago when I married my husband, I experienced many things different from my lens of perspective.  One was a gold/brown plaid wool quilt.  It wasn't very big, but it was well worn.  It still offered many years of use to him.  The blanket was about 3 feet by 5 feet and had fringe around the sides.  Many would know it as a stadium blanket.  For him it offered warmth during nights of study when he found himself away from home going to college.  It provided nap times when he would catch up from missed sleep finishing a paper or studying for a final.  How do I know this, as we have become best friends, he has told me.

I don't think he knows that his stories have in fact influenced me in my quilting.  In fact, I haven't realized until finishing this quilt for a graduation gift, did I realize how his story touched me in many ways.  I didn't have such a blankie and I wished I would have had one.  I didn't really have anything like that until I started making quilts.  Many of my quilts are of the lap sized variety, because of the perceived comfort I saw them giving, just from listening to my husband share his blankie story with me more than once.  We still have the blankie.  It's been replaced with more color/design acceptable quilts made by myself.

The quilt pictured is one of many I've offered to graduating teens.  I've not shared this story with anyone until now.  I think I'll figure out a way to print it on a card and include with my donation quilts.  I really want to share warmth through my quilts--the warmth that I perceive that my husband received from his old college blankie.

For a high school grad, life begins for a teen, often away from things familiar and schedules and such in a foreign environment for that teen.  Life begins for the young adult as they begin learning how to express themselves and find an occupation.

Cheers for new beginnings---with a quilt--quilted by pattilou.

This quilt was actually begun as blocks for a lotto exchange and then I played with them a bit and feeling a bit inspired from the book Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again I added some black and white to spice it up.  See original post I was bored, HERE:

The green fabric is actually, if you look close, a resemblance of a map.  This could be quite metaphorical for a high school grad pursuing dreams to further an education.  

After speaking with the mom of this particular grad--I decided this quilt would be perfect for her.  I certainly hope so.


Debbie said...

Put the story on your label. That is what I do. Recently gave my nephew his graduation quilt with the inspiration story on the label...he sat right on the floor and read it. I got a super big hug for that. That way the story always is there to warm them.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Great story may your quilt provide years of comfort.