Thursday, June 23, 2011

Around the World

Recently, I sent some vintage fabrics to LeKa Quilt

I got to know her through a mug rug swap recently.  As I followed her blog I noticed that she appeared to really like hand sewing.  I DON'T!!  I had these fabrics that were sent to me with some other quilt scraps.  I then finished the quilt for my sister from those scraps: 
I then called my sis to see where the bag of scraps came from.  She didn't know.  So I emailed LeKa Quilts and asked if she would be interested in this
 She was, and so I sent the package of vintage fabrics to her.  I know she'll make good use of them!  I knew if I kept them, they would stay in the bag for another 30 years!  Thanks Leka!  

A note!  The picture at the top of my blog is of the mug rug I sent her.  Isn't life a trip!


LeKaQuilt said...

Dear Pattilou, Thank you so much for the beutiful vintage fabrics. I'm looking foreward to this prosject :o)

And i LOVE the Mug Rug, and it's on my table - not for my mug but for my sewing tools.

QuiltSue said...

The quilt you finished for your sister is just so beautiful.