Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flimsies in the Closet

With today's finish, (the lavendar/turquoise/black one), I've now got four flimsies in the closet ready to sandwich.  The white one on the right I'll be sending to the quilter and the other three, I'll do myself.  Not showing you the full pictures yet--need a bit of secrecy now don't we??!!!

These quilts will be donation quilts, and the three I'll be doing myself are about 40 x 60 inches.  The other is bigger.  I've got three more Strippie quilts cut out and with those, I use up quite a bit of stash.  Now that these are on hangers--I have a sneaky feeling they'll stay there awhile...  whoops, I just remembered that bright pink and black one--now wherever did I put that one?!!!  I'm anxiously awaiting a fabric order that I think will have a border fabric!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Wish I only had 3 in the closet - have 6 alone for the long armer - but she is gone on vacation for a month.

Kate said...

Pattilou - I just started hanging mine in the closet recently - used to stack them - which of course meant they got all smushed and wrinkled... but the best thing about the closet is they call out to me everytime i look over there and beg to be sandwiched... i am doing much better at keeping the assembly line moving!
Pretty pretty tops!
Kathleen from Sunshine