Friday, June 10, 2011

Letting the Love Flow!

I just had to try letting myself go and have some fun!  I had just one bobbin spool of lime green until my order gets here, but I decided to just quilt away til it was gone.  It was a blast.  Now, I can't wait until the other thread comes.

The back looks like this:
The front looks like this:
 Did I stay in the lines???   NO!!!!  Do kindergarten kids stay in the LINES?  NO!!! One of the kindergarten teachers in our building in one of the schools I taught, allowed her kids to create and the outcomes were so much fun!  The other teacher did boring coloring pages  :(  Okay, what did I learn from that--kids see things differently than we do, so if it is for kids, I might as well have fun too!!!

This quilt is from Bev's stash.  I bordered it and yesterday I got some lime green flannel for the backing.  So, I will have two like this, but for sure, the quilting won't be the same on them!

WhaaHooo!  Yippee for Liberation!!!!


Helen in the UK said...

I'm a little behind in blog reading and I see you've been busy!! Congrats on relaxing and having fun with your quilting, after all this is MEANT to be FUN :)
PS: Like your new header picture.

Claire said...

Absolutely my attitude to "staying in the lines." My kids never had a coloring book, only blank paper.