Sunday, June 5, 2011

Making So Many Blocks Is Boring...

It seems to me that making the same block over and over is boring.  Months back, I cut out enough for 20 blocks of these batiks.
From this book:

I pulled out the progress on these yesterday and realized why I put them away.  They look catching to the eye because of the purple, but I'm really having a hard time making myself make any more.  I still have some cut out and I don't want to waste the fabric.  I don't really need another big quilt, so I'm toying with the idea of making maybe four rows and making it into a quilt for donation.  I need to finish up some more blocks to do that and then I'll know if I have enough for the piano keys border all around.  I know I have enough of the dark purple for an inside border.  This could be an ongoing project for awhile as I'm really dragging my feet on it.  Still not feeling all that well.  It could be a build up of inflammation due to  wheat as I've slowly gotten back into eating it--it is filling and I like it.  This week we'll wean ourselves off from it and see if that makes me feel better before I go to the doctor again.  It's about time for prescription renewal on Advair anyhow.  Yuck--would really like to quit coughing!!!

Add On at 10:00 a.m.
Nancie a quilting instructor in Texas got me over the stall.  She replied on Lib-Quilters Yahoo group and that's what I needed to just get something going.  After studying the photo, I realized I like turquoise and purple together.
Just adding an inside border of the turquoise with a bit of this next to the body of the quilt--in a thin slice maybe 1 inch which would sew to 1/2 inch of this
would take me away from the darkness of the purple and add a splash of color.  I could add the piano key border outside of that.  I also found a copy of an iguana which I could applique and boost my 18 blocks to maybe 36 which would make three quilts for donation of a size that would be a bit larger.  With the iguana appliqued on, I could find some other interesting things--maybe making 6.5 inch string blocks interspersed with the stars!  Then I wouldn't be bored!

Stay tuned.  I'm letting the ideas percolate a bit.


piche said...

Good choice, Pattilou! I love the turquoise with it.

fabricpixie said...

Wow, I just got that book from the library and love love love the quilt, the block works up fast and I can't wait to make this quilt too. Thanks for sharing your journey.

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA