Monday, June 6, 2011

Progress on Experiment in Color!

Didn't get as much done yesterday as I had planned, but I did get through one big, huge, stall.  The addition of some color was just what I needed to lighten it up and make it more fun.  I'll be adding more borders today.  Making more of the piano keys with an addition of a "slice of lime".   In fact, I think that is what I'll name this quilt.  I'm going to look for some fun flannel with which to back it, as the batik isn't too cuddly--IMHO!!
Sometimes it just helps to have a picture!  After Karen emailed me some suggestions, I placed the star with lime in the middle.  On a whim, I tried adding the lime green slices to the piano border and I think I like them.  I may even add a lime green corner square.  This should finish at about 42" square unless I decide to add another round of turquoise and then another piano border to add length, which would make it a kid's quilt.  I still have 9 squares of stars to make another quilt.  I'm thinking of a person I'd like to make the second one for and I may tailor that one a bit for my perceived notions of what she may like...we'll see.  Options right now are still open.


simonepatch said...

Que linda que ficou.Adorei a combinação do liso com o estampado.Deu um destaque maior para a peça.Parabens.Beijosss


Debbie said...

Yes, this looks wonderful with that punch of lime green. You solved the boredom problem nicely.

rubyslipperz said...

o...this is soo pretty, sigh...I LUV the colors and...Batiks are some of my favorite fabrics...if a strange/crazeee red head comes to your door and asks to come in...well, it could be me looking for your quilt... lol