Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm a bit frustrated with my liberated quilting piece.  I think it's getting too big for me to deal with comfortably.  I tried adding some curved borders and with it all, I can't hang it up on the design wall very well.  I don't know how much I can quilt out.  I'm going to try to stabilize it with either some pellon or with the iron on batting I have on hand.  I'm going to leave the edges as they are, and leave the possibility of trimming a bit more.  Batik is hard to work with as a wall hanging.  I've used it before on smaller pieces, but one I completely gave up on and threw away.  

So here is the photo of where I am so far.

It does need a bit more deliberate curving, and I'll add that after some stabilizing.   Aaargh! I guess the frustration is that it hasn't turned out like I had in my head and I've only got a bit more of the dark purple.


Kate said...

Hi there - I loved your posting! What looks good in our head just doesn't always work in reality, huh? Yep, happens to me all the time!!

But the quilt still looks fabulous.

Debbie said...

Wait don't looks very good. Don't add more purple, go with the dark green. Here's what I would do. Press as flat as possible--stray starch a lot--- and don't trim the purple. Cut strips of green at least 4 in wide. While flat, slide the green strip UNDER the purple edges--one at a time. Then cut thru both purple and green and do a very slight, gentle curve. This way you are assured of matching curves. Flip the green to top of purple, match edge and sew a very little at a time, stopping and aligning as needed. Or the other option is once under the cuved edge of the green 1/4" and topstitch to the purple. You can do this and make it spectacular.

QuiltSue said...

I like the idea of adding another border, and would do it as Debbie said. That way you could still have flat edges so it should hang well.