Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Visitors

One of the surest ways to finish up quilts is to expect company!  It seems to spur on the need to finish up what's either on the spare bed or in the spare closet.  Yesterday I got a box of seven quilts mailed to Wrap Them in Love Foundation.  I finished up these two quilts and folded them safely in the closet awaiting  donation either by mail or locally.  I've a stack that I'll divide between WAS and Family Connections Center.

And this one completes the bundle of batiks I purchase years ago on Ebay!  Yay!!!
 Today I think I'll work on making some lotto blocks for Sunshine Yahoo Group

Last night I went to this BLOG  about the touching stories of why Wrap A Smile sends quilts with Rotoplast.  Next box I'm working on goes to WAS!    The founder is also in this moving SHORT LINK


Kathy T. said...

That string quilt is stunning! I like the baticks, too. Sometimes it's good to see some fabrics get gone ... I have some 30s repros that are getting tiresome ... maybe I'll get them gone too.

Kathy T. said...

Sorry - I really can spell batik - I just can't type!

Linda_J said...

Well done, Pattilou! Very pretty.