Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Wanted 1.75 yards

...and what I got was 1.25 or something--anyway I was short!  So this is what I've got:

I've been going to the local quilt shop (LQS) for my backings because then I won't have so many scraps.  I order 1.75 yards to get just a bit more than the 60 inches I need for this kids quilts.  When I laid this out I was short!  I didn't want to make a special trip back and I didn't need anything right away, so I made up for the shortage by adding the lime green--yes it's lime green, even if it doesn't look that bright in the picture.

This is the front: 

Another string quilt--yah, I know, but they are so easy to make and such a great use of leftovers!  Two more to go this round of sewing and then onto something else!

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