Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is There About Scraps?!!!

My husband laughs at me.  I throw away food without thinking twice about it.  I give away clothes if I no longer wear them or use them.  I clean out lots of things and throw them or give them away--then what is it about fabric.  I have a compulsion to use every bit of fabric!

This picture shows the scraps of flannel I've been saving.  I purchased about a yard to make it more eye appealing, but I used up the flannel.   (and have some starts for another!)
Whoops--it's upside down due to the directional print of the bears--but the quilt holder is gone for his workout!

Here's a close up.

And then I've taken my scraps and made enough blocks for two more quilts--don't know when I'll get them sewn together as we have company coming today and I must clean up the house a bit!
 So, that's it on the quilting front today.  The yard is under control, the grandkids are coming to go to Lagoon and we're the designated house for the sleepover!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just love the string blocks. Enjoy (and survive) some family time.

Kate said...

I do love your blog!! I'm just the same way - I love working with those little leftover bits that might otherwise be tossed!!! Such fun! Kate the Quilting Professor

Helen in the UK said...

I can't bear to throw out fabric scraps either! Even though I've decided I'm not doing crumbs anymore, my neighbour is delighted to use them for playgroup, so nothing is wasted, however small!! But I hate wasting food too :)

From Ally's Perspective said...

I'm the same way with scraps. It must feel good to have completed quilts made with those scraps! I'm still collecting mine ;-) I especially like your string blocks.

Rene' said...

Ooops...the previous post was made by me...my daughter keeps "hacking" into my computer...forgot to sign her out and sign myself in ;-!

Kathy T. said...

Oh I do love those bears. We went all of the way from FL to ALaska just so I could see bears in the wild catching salmon. That'll be a nice, snug quilt!