Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ya Know What Really Feels Good?!!

Completion!  Remember those flimsies I had in the closet?  Well, I sandwiched a couple and then I needed a bit of diversion and now they are complete.
This one is the Batik Asterisk Quilt.   I first blogged about this one here: I stopped at 12 blocks rather than 20.   Found some gray fabric I'd just purchased and added to the backing.  I think most of that fabric is used--just tiny bits left for addition to string quilts.

I channel quilted it and here is a close up.  It was so easy and definitely liberated!  Well, I call it channel quilting.  I've seen it in other quilts, just straightish rows, not exactly measured to perfection and I used the quilting foot rather than free motion quilting.
 Now on to some liberation of color.  The nine patches started it all and when I purchased the pink and black I also purchased one of Freddy Moran's book--so that explains the wild use of black and white.  I thought, I'd get a fabric in the mail from a couple of my purchases, but no, the best fabric was one from the stash of Bev in Alaska--the pink elephants just seemed to want to dance into this quilt!  

 And the backing is wild too!

And then here is the first post about this quilt


Carol E. said...

What is channel quilting?

QuiltSue said...

I love the contrast between the different quilts here. I also loved the elephants.