Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm So Excited!

This quilt has finally come together!  It's a bit bigger than I anticipated, but I think it goes well with the beginning block.
 This was the beginning block
I think I've got the right fabric for the backing--I'm thinking on that for a bit.  Not quite sure how to quilt it either.  It's big enough, I think I'll send it out.

An up close picture of the dancers.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Loose Ends...

As I go through my stash, I'm always aware of what can be used for the Sunshine Monthly Lotto.  
I've already got September and October done.  I may find more for October, but I'll send what I have so far and then see what October brings.
In one of the yahoo groups I read, I found that someone precut strips.  I thought that might be a good way to organize stash.  Well for me it isn't.  I precut some 2.5 inch strips and I have used those.  But the 5 inch strips, which can be cut into 2.5 I have let sit in the plastic shoe box.  Well, I decided to cut them into pieces that I could use for HST (half square triangles).  I played around with colors and came up with a way to use up the off white I had saved in that shoe box.  I got these fun blocks.  After "making fabric" or making crumb blocks, I just couldn't cut into them, so I took the 6.5 inch block and then added the  3.5 inch HST's to it to make a star block.  Pretty fast and easy once the 6.5 inch blocks are made.  This week, I'm going to play around with some other options for flying geese--up to now a real UNfavorite for me!  But, I digress--did I tell you of my ADD???  Check here for more ideas for crumb blocks

Anyhow, here are my fall colors blocks:
A little side note.  Yesterday, I needed to go into Bountiful with DH to get his car that was being serviced.  After I dropped him off, I went to the LQS there and just browsed around.  The fabric is now $10.75 a yard--way too much for me!  But, I found a bin of brown paper bags with cuttings equal to 2.5 yards for $10.  I picked over them and finally settled on blue, because I just don't have too much of that and came home to a wonderful surprise of some fun fabrics.  I wish I would have picked some more in addition to that, but I didn't and it really isn't worth the trip back just for that.  Maybe we'll find the need for an outing next week--or a movie--or something to make the drive into town.  I wish they were open on Sundays, but they aren't.  

Today, we're driving over to South Salt Lake to see the grandkids.  Haven't seen them since their dad left to go to Mississippi for school with the air force national guard.  School starts Monday for DGD although some have been in school this week.  The buildings are excruciatingly hot!!!  Oh, well, I remember those first few weeks of school.  It's so hot, between drinking water, and then bathroom breaks it's really hard to teach much!!  Wish that all schools could be air conditioned as my last one was.  Even then, when the kids come back into the room after afternoon recess, the room smells like a tin can and the boys are all sweaty and the drinking fountain holds more excitement than the teacher!! I can well imagine that if state legislators had to work in those conditions they would find the funding for more school needs!  But, alas, our state legislators haven't found a way to be too kind to education.  But, again, I digress!!!  ...and my mind wanders to the plight of the fruit pickers in California as they are constantly working under extreme head and deplorable conditions.  Oh, that, things wouldn't be so harsh for our brothers and sisters around the world working for daily food and shelter in conditions I view as extremely severe.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Progress with Odds and Ends

Awhile back I joined in on a quilt-along  It challenged me to find some 2.5 inch strips and make them into 12.5 inch blocks.  I've made a couple for the Sunshine Lotto, made some for an art quilt I'm working on and have some that are tones that fit with an off white border--I'll be adding to that as I work along.

But, today I completed this top from what I had started.  It makes a bright little donation quilt top that I'll work on later.  I was wanting to get some strings out for this new Heartstring Project  and didn't want to cut strings from a possible border for something else and found that the fabric I chose for this top made a perfect border.  (You can't see it too well, but its snails with bright backs moving along a row).  So glad I didn't make strings out of it as I was going to do!
Now, one quilt along is making way for a new one.  I've got some strings I really want to use up and this new Heartstrings project will hopefully use up some others!  Always something to keep a quilter busy and knee deep in fabric!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Very Bright Indeed!

Latest two finishes seem very bright to me.  Loved doing them!
And its bright back extended with some four patches from the front

It seems no matter how hard I try to make that strip straight it always comes out a bit wonky.  But, I love wonky!!!

Now these have been waiting and by tomorrow, there will be more to can!

Already scalded and nearly eaten already.

BLT's are the order of the last two days.  Tomorrow, I'll just juice some so that I can bottle them for winter chili fixin's.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's About Time for a Finish!

With all the things going on around here--canning--unfinished quilts, etc. I thought it about time to finish something up.  It does make me feel better when something gets finished.

This one is flannel leftovers from other quilts backings. I can see now where I could have arranged it differently, but I usually just sew them together as they pop up, because usually I can arrange them a gazillion different ways and they all look good.  This one, I ran out of red and I should have grouped it a bit differently--but it's done and I'm not redoing it.  *smile*

And its fun backing  (jeeps)

And then this one from leftover quilt projects.  My granddaughters picked the borders.
I worried that it wasn't girly enough--but they seemed to like the florals in the different strings.  

So, that's it from my little corner of the world today.  Trying to use up some garden stuff DH brought in!  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Rare Experience

Yesterday while viewing my latest sewing of pieces together, DH suggested that there needed to be more "dancers" in this piece.  I went to the internet and ordered at full cost a half yard of some dancers.  ( I rarely, very rarely do this!)  I do hope they go with this piece.  Until I receive the new fabric, this is how the piece stands--awaiting some further enhancement.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle Kind of Day!

Yesterday started out rather nondescript.  Started working on my creative piece and just ran into a wall, so when sorting through fabrics I came upon some that would work with some leaders and enders I was working on.
 So, I just started making those.  Ended up shopping with hubby trying to find a place to redo a screen that had been damaged Sunday evening during a huge thunderstorm when the umbrella blew into the window--how lucky are we that the window wasn't broken--and why didn't either of us think of putting the umbrella down when the storm was rolling in--just chalk it up to one of life's many unanswered questions.

Anyhow the evolving day lead to hubby bringing in some veggies from the garden
(this photo was taken this morning after the blue bucket was nearly emptied last night.)  With an abundance of cucumbers, I went to my trusty 46 old recipe book
 (note the cuttings from earlier in the day that are still on the kitchen island--don't worry I didn't get any in the pickles--LOL!!! )  Sooo--oo I just found a recipe for pickles and thought I'd try some.  It's been years since I did anything like that.  I found a recipe and thought maybe since I didn't have mustard seeds that I could use powdered mustard--so at 6 p.m. I forced ahead.  

I got this from the pickings from the garden yesterday.  Some slicers are not good for pickles and some I used were actually a bit too big--but oh, well.  I have some bread and butter pickles that we can put in a tuna sandwich now and again.
If I ever use that recipe again, I'll rinse the salt off from the cukes rather than just drain, and use half the amount of sugar called for--already cut the sugar.  Things have changed over the years.  If nothing else I can chop these up in the blender a bit and have relish.  But they are an experiment and one bucket of produce from the garden is nearly gone and today I can make some salsa from the tomatoes and chilies.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Elements of a Quilt are Starting to Come Together

If you read my blog even a little bit, you may know that I have a hard time working out quilts on EQ or even on graph paper.  My best work comes from "incubating" an idea.  I put something on my design wall--it even used to be just putting it atop a spare bed.  I had this piece of fabric and I started by buying some fabrics I thought might go with it and then I found a whole bolt of fabric I already had with those colors in it.  This is what I have so far

This is what I started with

You may recognize the strip at the right that I just finished into a top

Anyhow, long story short, sometimes it takes awhile for the process to develop in my mind.  I've had those lavender batik HST's since last summer when I got some pieces from Bev in Alaska's stash.  I didn't know what to do with them until just a few weeks ago.  The block at the bottom of my design wall is also from her stash and I want to work it into the quilt.  But for today, I have an appointment in the city and when I return we'll have lunch and then plan on going to the movie, "The Help".  So the idea will still incubate a bit.  But, I am anxious to finish the letters.  I'm really having fun with those.  This fabulous book has helped me in seeing how to make the letters.  Thank you, Toni.  I bought mine through Amazon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Progession of a Quilter!

Only a quilter would understand how this
would lead to this
And how this

and this
would lead to this
an up close view
The baskets were leftover from lotto winnings last year.  This quilt is one from them
I wanted to try making traditional blocks from my "crumbs" or "made fabric".  But, I find that once I get the blocks made I am reluctant to cut into them again.  Maybe after I get two more basket quilts done from the leftover baskets, I'll tackle that.  Right now I can't believe how many quilts I'm going to get from those basket winnings.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gladys Finished These for Me

On the Stashbusters Yahoo Group is a lady who takes projects that others don't want to finish or haven't yet finished.  She takes these "PIGS" to her Iowa "PIG" (projects in grocery sacks) Farm and finishes them and then donates them locally to many places.  Her quilts can go to young and old.  I had some starts that I knew wouldn't be too kid friendly and I wasn't enthused about finishing them, so I sent them to her.  Recently, she posted these pictures in the photo section of that group.

This is from Bev in Alaska's stash.
...and from my stash a couple of tops I put together and Gladys finished them into quilts.

It is so nice to be able to find a place where unfinished beginnings find a finisher and then a new home. Thanks and a big hug to Gladys!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Granddaughter Visits

"Grammy, PC needs a blankie!"   Well we fixed that!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Couple of Things!

Ever been to a store and asked for a couple of something and they say, is that "two"?  That just makes me smile.  I always think of a couple as two--don't they teach that in school?  But, I digress.  I've got a couple of things going on in my mind.   Yesterday on I was catching up on some posts and noticed the 36 square block.  I went to and decided I'd join in--after all, I have lots of strips.  I found that by taking 2 each of 2 colors (a couple of strips in a couple of colors :-0 ) that I would end up with a 12.5 inch block and a couple of 8.5 inch blocks  (that's two 8.5 inch blocks :-0 )
So, I'll take some each day I think of it and make some blocks and see where it goes.  I have quite a selection of brights, and then earthy tones, so I'll just sew away and maybe I'll end up with a scrappy quilt!

Started sewing some 6.5 inch crumb blocks into a set of 4 to make a 12.5 inch block and then found the fun checkered fabric to make the sashing.

Heading out to the Park City Arts Festival to enjoy the sun and the fun!  Sew, my sewing today is probably done.

Happy Sunday to all.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

One More Bites the Dust!

I've come to this fabric so many times.  When I saw this pattern   I knew the fabrics I had would work in this quilt, but I just didn't want to get started.  Well, yesterday I was in a cleaning, sorting kind of day and I just got the pieces cut and then I sewed them together.  This morning a quilted and then washed it.  It's now in my donation stack.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, my Dyslexic Self!!! Or, at last I can see!

In trying to make a border for this quilt I tried following Debbie of   written directions "Wait don't looks very good. Don't add more purple, go with the dark green. Here's what I would do. Press as flat as possible--stray starch a lot--- and don't trim the purple. Cut strips of green at least 4 in wide. While flat, slide the green strip UNDER the purple edges--one at a time. Then cut thru both purple and green and do a very slight, gentle curve. This way you are assured of matching curves. Flip the green to top of purple, match edge and sew a very little at a time, stopping and aligning as needed. Or the other option is once under the cuved edge of the green 1/4" and topstitch to the purple. You can do this and make it spectacular. "

Well, I tried doing it this way
With the green underneath, I tried cutting both wrong side and then right side.  You guessed it the curves ran the same way and didn't fit into each other!!!  Oh my, why couldn't I "see" that!

Then I tried it this way---running out of fabric here (panic, panic)

Ah, ha!  It fits snugly and the resulting sewing it together WORKED!!!

I've trimmed it now, and hope I didn't take too much off the sides, as I don't know what the next round of the liberated challenge will be.  But, at last, I am satisfied!!! I'm liking it!

Back to My World

The gorgeous quilts of a quilt show are a marked difference from my comfort quilts for donations.  I've been working away at finishing up some scrappy things around here.  One of them is this autumn colored crumb quilt.
 It worked up really fast since the blocks were already done and I simply set them in a more modernistic style.  I quilted it with just a random quilting and then luckily I found some fabric that would work for the binding.  I love doing crumb blocks.  Every piece of fabric in them reminds me of a quilt that I've made and the time of my life when making that quilt.  It's quite relaxing.  Sometimes I get a little antsy about using up all the scraps and sometimes I just have to start throwing the leftovers away just to give my mind some space!  I guess that is the ADD I sometimes struggle with.  

I've still got the challenge quilt to work on.  Getting paranoid about cutting into the fabric I just got for that.  What is it about making that FIRST CUT of new fabric???

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Last Round of Quilt Show Pictures

So there you have it, the ones that especially were of interest to me.  I didn't photograph all of the displays.  But, after seeing these pictures, I might be ready to return and visit the display again!