Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Couple of Things!

Ever been to a store and asked for a couple of something and they say, is that "two"?  That just makes me smile.  I always think of a couple as two--don't they teach that in school?  But, I digress.  I've got a couple of things going on in my mind.   Yesterday on I was catching up on some posts and noticed the 36 square block.  I went to and decided I'd join in--after all, I have lots of strips.  I found that by taking 2 each of 2 colors (a couple of strips in a couple of colors :-0 ) that I would end up with a 12.5 inch block and a couple of 8.5 inch blocks  (that's two 8.5 inch blocks :-0 )
So, I'll take some each day I think of it and make some blocks and see where it goes.  I have quite a selection of brights, and then earthy tones, so I'll just sew away and maybe I'll end up with a scrappy quilt!

Started sewing some 6.5 inch crumb blocks into a set of 4 to make a 12.5 inch block and then found the fun checkered fabric to make the sashing.

Heading out to the Park City Arts Festival to enjoy the sun and the fun!  Sew, my sewing today is probably done.

Happy Sunday to all.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you sweetie for the note, I love the 8-patch block - would look good for a bright/funprints. And you worked with a directional fabric, too!!

Bridget said...

I've been lurking and watching the progress on these quilts. I need to jump into the fray once I get some of these unfinished quilts finished.