Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Loose Ends...

As I go through my stash, I'm always aware of what can be used for the Sunshine Monthly Lotto.  
I've already got September and October done.  I may find more for October, but I'll send what I have so far and then see what October brings.
In one of the yahoo groups I read, I found that someone precut strips.  I thought that might be a good way to organize stash.  Well for me it isn't.  I precut some 2.5 inch strips and I have used those.  But the 5 inch strips, which can be cut into 2.5 I have let sit in the plastic shoe box.  Well, I decided to cut them into pieces that I could use for HST (half square triangles).  I played around with colors and came up with a way to use up the off white I had saved in that shoe box.  I got these fun blocks.  After "making fabric" or making crumb blocks, I just couldn't cut into them, so I took the 6.5 inch block and then added the  3.5 inch HST's to it to make a star block.  Pretty fast and easy once the 6.5 inch blocks are made.  This week, I'm going to play around with some other options for flying geese--up to now a real UNfavorite for me!  But, I digress--did I tell you of my ADD???  Check here for more ideas for crumb blocks

Anyhow, here are my fall colors blocks:
A little side note.  Yesterday, I needed to go into Bountiful with DH to get his car that was being serviced.  After I dropped him off, I went to the LQS there and just browsed around.  The fabric is now $10.75 a yard--way too much for me!  But, I found a bin of brown paper bags with cuttings equal to 2.5 yards for $10.  I picked over them and finally settled on blue, because I just don't have too much of that and came home to a wonderful surprise of some fun fabrics.  I wish I would have picked some more in addition to that, but I didn't and it really isn't worth the trip back just for that.  Maybe we'll find the need for an outing next week--or a movie--or something to make the drive into town.  I wish they were open on Sundays, but they aren't.  

Today, we're driving over to South Salt Lake to see the grandkids.  Haven't seen them since their dad left to go to Mississippi for school with the air force national guard.  School starts Monday for DGD although some have been in school this week.  The buildings are excruciatingly hot!!!  Oh, well, I remember those first few weeks of school.  It's so hot, between drinking water, and then bathroom breaks it's really hard to teach much!!  Wish that all schools could be air conditioned as my last one was.  Even then, when the kids come back into the room after afternoon recess, the room smells like a tin can and the boys are all sweaty and the drinking fountain holds more excitement than the teacher!! I can well imagine that if state legislators had to work in those conditions they would find the funding for more school needs!  But, alas, our state legislators haven't found a way to be too kind to education.  But, again, I digress!!!  ...and my mind wanders to the plight of the fruit pickers in California as they are constantly working under extreme head and deplorable conditions.  Oh, that, things wouldn't be so harsh for our brothers and sisters around the world working for daily food and shelter in conditions I view as extremely severe.


Cheri said...

Great find on the brown bag. I enjoy those kind of things. I too have been thinking on the others in the world who work so hard for so little in such extreme conditions. We've had storms here that created much hot work removing tree limbs. I think it's a lesson if we'll learn it.

Wendy in WNY said...

What size are your HST's? I have a ton of crumb blocks at 6.5" and I love your idea!

Pattilou said...

The HST's are 3.5 and sewn together with the 6.5 inch crumb block make a 12.5 inch block. The site has other ideas for using crumb blocks. I just hated cutting into mine after they were made!
Hope that helps.

Wendy in WNY said...

Thanks! I love your blog!