Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, my Dyslexic Self!!! Or, at last I can see!

In trying to make a border for this quilt I tried following Debbie of   written directions "Wait don't looks very good. Don't add more purple, go with the dark green. Here's what I would do. Press as flat as possible--stray starch a lot--- and don't trim the purple. Cut strips of green at least 4 in wide. While flat, slide the green strip UNDER the purple edges--one at a time. Then cut thru both purple and green and do a very slight, gentle curve. This way you are assured of matching curves. Flip the green to top of purple, match edge and sew a very little at a time, stopping and aligning as needed. Or the other option is once under the cuved edge of the green 1/4" and topstitch to the purple. You can do this and make it spectacular. "

Well, I tried doing it this way
With the green underneath, I tried cutting both wrong side and then right side.  You guessed it the curves ran the same way and didn't fit into each other!!!  Oh my, why couldn't I "see" that!

Then I tried it this way---running out of fabric here (panic, panic)

Ah, ha!  It fits snugly and the resulting sewing it together WORKED!!!

I've trimmed it now, and hope I didn't take too much off the sides, as I don't know what the next round of the liberated challenge will be.  But, at last, I am satisfied!!! I'm liking it!


QuiltSue said...

That looks wonderful. How big is it now?

LindaSue said...

I think I figured it out from your pic, but I don't know if I would want to try it.

I tried to help daughter (who by the way is learning to quilt )with trying some diagonal cutting and it didn't work. No way do I want to try wavy edges. LOL

Looks fantastic by the way.

Pattilou said...

30 x 38 inches

Debbie said...

Oh, Pattilou, I am sorry I did not expain better and say both fabrics right side up. But I am so glad you figured it out anyway in spite of my goof up. The wall hanging is fabulous...I love the fun curves. The green looks great.