Saturday, August 27, 2011

Progress with Odds and Ends

Awhile back I joined in on a quilt-along  It challenged me to find some 2.5 inch strips and make them into 12.5 inch blocks.  I've made a couple for the Sunshine Lotto, made some for an art quilt I'm working on and have some that are tones that fit with an off white border--I'll be adding to that as I work along.

But, today I completed this top from what I had started.  It makes a bright little donation quilt top that I'll work on later.  I was wanting to get some strings out for this new Heartstring Project  and didn't want to cut strings from a possible border for something else and found that the fabric I chose for this top made a perfect border.  (You can't see it too well, but its snails with bright backs moving along a row).  So glad I didn't make strings out of it as I was going to do!
Now, one quilt along is making way for a new one.  I've got some strings I really want to use up and this new Heartstrings project will hopefully use up some others!  Always something to keep a quilter busy and knee deep in fabric!


LindaSue said...

That is so cute Patti. I just love what you come up with. It just baffles me how fast you can do it.

I have to laugh because your words are so true. This darn fabric is producing so much in the way of off springs. I told you the sweater box that was all blues. I had taken I know over 50 small pieces to cut into strips and the box is still full. So this gallon bag of 1 1/2 strips are being used to make the 4 1/2 inch strings. 47 of them almost done. The darn bag of strips is still full. I am thinking I need to use up all this material before I die. But I ain't Moses and don't expect to turn in him, so ----- what is a quilter to do. Keep on working I guess.

You do lift up a person's spirits though.

Have a great day.

Pattilou said...
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