Friday, September 30, 2011

A Couple of Finishes

Just a couple of things---two quilts finished. It's always great to see how the quilting adds to a quilt.  The 12 patch quilt top didn't look that great to me, but when I quilted it, it sprang to life somehow.  Pictured are the two:

I don't know if side by side is the best way to show these, but my "quilt hanger" is working out for the moment, so the sofa had to do to display them.

Some other views:
This week I received in the mail some fun labels.  I ordered them from gutentag
These quilts will be given to children locally.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of the Quilts for 100 Quilts for Kids

This is the finished quilt.
And here is some of the wonky style quilting.

100 Quilts for Kids on Swim, Bike, Quilt

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Ugly Duckling Challenge

Ever had some UGLY fabric that you wanted to rid yourself of?  Well, Ann in the Sunshine Yahoo Group did and she issued a challenge.  She'd send us a fat quarter of an ugly fabric, we'd make them into pretty blocks and then she'd make quilts for Sunshine.  These are the fabrics and I asked for one of each.
I've used up the first fabric in these blocks:
Not so bad after all...

And then for the real ugly

Monday, September 19, 2011

Am I Really That Compulsive?

This quilt was added to the  100 Quilts for Kids

Don't answer that!  I did want to finish this and now it's done.
 As you can see, I did decide to put the borders on and I like it.
I practiced my feathers on the border.
The back is almost an "I Spy Quilt"
 Used up all the rest of the apple fabric.
Made this star from just one piece of sneaker fabric that was in a grab bag.
And still a bit of Bev lives on in these blocks.

And the last of this fun fabric.
Now, on to another quilty adventure!

I'm adding another photo of a quilt that I finished just this past weekend.  It used up some of the crumbs with some stars added in to break the crumbs up a bit.  It's a boys quilt going to Project Linus.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Flimsy

I had so much fun crumbing away yesterday!  I added some stars for a border and came up with this.  I'm still trying to decide if I should add one more border.  But, today we have soccer, football and I have some more peaches ready to can.

Finished the binding on this one and washed and dried it.

Stack now ready for giving.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Crumbing

This morning I was determined to use up some of my crumbs in new top and then I found this site:

I got busy and made four blocks right away and added them to some crumbs I already had made.

These new blocks are made from some fabric from a bag of scraps I bought recently at a LQS for $10 so I have some variety to add to my already made crumbs!  I may even get that top done yet today! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilting Completed

My liberated round robin quilt is now quilted.  I have fabric for the binding and that is the next step.  I have other plans today, so I don't know how soon I'll get to the binding.  In the trimming there is a part in the upper left hand part of the quilt that I'm not sure how the binding will change the overall look of the quilt.  I guess that is one of the things that beset fabric pieces without patterns!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Quilting Gets Interupted! or Peaches Peaches and more Peaches!

I have a history with peaches.  With three of my children being born in August-September there seems to be a peach story related with each pregnancy!  Always with that was the beginning of school.  With my last child, I was canning peaches during labor, hoping to get them done before I left for the hospital.

Yesterday my husband announced that the peaches were indeed ready to pick.  This was after I decided I would try to finish a quilt!  But, like having a baby--when things are ready they are ready!  Well, I had no idea there were so many.  Our trees, 2 small trees, were planted just two years ago, but this year the branches were loaded!  So onto my journey to find a cold pack canner since I sold mine in a garage sale when we moved to a condo--little did I know then we would be moving again and with a garden....  Oh well, after hitting a couple of stores and finding them sold out, I ran into my neighbor, who said I could borrow hers.  Well, I thought, I'll just check one more Wal-Mart and then slowly but surely the traffic crept into a traffic jam and a U-turn later, I wove my way back home and borrowed  the canner.

I have a flat electric stove, which doesn't work for canning, so we set up the gas two burner outside and I was ready to try my hand at peaches.  I got this many done before just totally wearing out!
I have to say there is something comforting about bottled peaches.  Love them with cottage cheese!!  I started some jam, but I need raspberries to put with the peaches and some punch powder.  I'll be doing that a bit later this morning, and then sorting through another box of peaches to see if there are enough ready to can another round today!  ...oh and did I say I need more bottles?  Dang 4 years ago I could hardly give them away.  But, I'll go purchase some more.  Wish I was closer to all those spares my mom has!

Note for next year: HALF the tomato crop and no beets, fewer cukes and no kohlrabi.

Friday, September 9, 2011

More on Quilting Styles!

Yesterday's post showed what happens when free motion quilting is hindered by the quilt going through the small quilt space of a domestic machine.  Sometimes the intended round circles became wonky.  With some quilts that is okay.  Yesterday's quilt was one of those.  It's a wonky quilt to begin with and lends itself to a freer style.  

What happens though when doing an art piece that is more controlled?  My sis called the other day and needed a quilt for a wedding gift and wanted one of mine.  So, we decided on my Liberated Challenge quilt (see labels below for more on that one).  I've been very frustrated with making feathers.  They just looked too rounded or tight or something.  I've studied Patsy Thompson's feathers and I've got a DVD by the Pajama Quilter.  I've been practicing since then.  I won't show you my garbage can of practices but this morning I hit on what my troubles may have stemmed from.  I was making my "loops" from the top.  When I started them from the bottom and worked up, they became more the style I was working towards.  Here's a sample of my practice next to my actual work on the quilt.

And then a close-up of the actual quilt.
 I'm still waiting on thread from an order, but by experimenting with threads that I have and the info on Superior Threads site about which needle to use I was able to use a top stitch size 14 needle with the "Bottom Line" thread and the coats and clarks heavy thread I had.  The khaki thread seems to work well with all the colors of this piano key border.  

I'm thinking I'll probably get this to the binding stage today and then get my two quilting projects bound and finished--today or tomorrow--depending on if DH decides to do something and wants me to tag along...   :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quilting Styles

One thing that can cause a quilter grief is the perfection of the computerized quilting machines!!!  I look at those and sometimes think I should never try to quilt on my home sewing machine.  But, as life is--sometimes we just have to do what makes us happy and if someone else likes that is great.  That is my motto for my donation quilts.  I don't own a longarm quilting machine and many of my quilts are in my own wonky style.  I've been practicing on a white board this quilting technique.  It isn't perfect--it's rather folk art style, but it was much fun to do and the tension on my machine cooperated today!

I think I'll bind it in a red which will go with the lime green backing.  I'll post another picture after I do that and then wash the quilt to soften it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Strings from Stash

Another top begun--just needs something for a border and it'll become a top.   Working through more drawers of fabrics purchased and not used!

I'm thinking to use the remainder of strings in a piano key border.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Needed Change of Pace

Sometimes in my quilting I get going and then before I know it, I'm more concerned with finishing a quilt than enjoying the process.  The last few days, I've gone through some scraps and stash and have made some blocks towards the

Now that these are made, I can sort other scraps and will sew them into a top at a later date.  These used up a fair amount of strings and in the process and sorted and bagged what I wanted to save for the crumbs in two different categories. I have quite a stack of crumb blocks, but that is always an ongoing project.

Yesterday I looked at my drawer--which is purposely small so that I don't get too backlogged--of HST's cut from the bindings I do.  I use these HST's that aren't true sizes to make WONKY stars.  This process of its nature just slows me down.  I don't concentrate on a project, I just sew, cut, measure and then put the finished star on my wall.  So far I have these from an older workday or two:

And these from yesterday.  I was able to go to that quilt store and get a couple more bags of scraps to add some different backgrounds.  It's a lot cheaper than buying fat quarters and adds some variety to my stars.
Who knows where these will end and how I'll use them in a quilt.  I'm thinking right now that either crumb blocks in-between or string blocks would make some cute donation quilts.  We'll see.  Right now, I'm just enjoying the process of assembly!