Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Quilting Gets Interupted! or Peaches Peaches and more Peaches!

I have a history with peaches.  With three of my children being born in August-September there seems to be a peach story related with each pregnancy!  Always with that was the beginning of school.  With my last child, I was canning peaches during labor, hoping to get them done before I left for the hospital.

Yesterday my husband announced that the peaches were indeed ready to pick.  This was after I decided I would try to finish a quilt!  But, like having a baby--when things are ready they are ready!  Well, I had no idea there were so many.  Our trees, 2 small trees, were planted just two years ago, but this year the branches were loaded!  So onto my journey to find a cold pack canner since I sold mine in a garage sale when we moved to a condo--little did I know then we would be moving again and with a garden....  Oh well, after hitting a couple of stores and finding them sold out, I ran into my neighbor, who said I could borrow hers.  Well, I thought, I'll just check one more Wal-Mart and then slowly but surely the traffic crept into a traffic jam and a U-turn later, I wove my way back home and borrowed  the canner.

I have a flat electric stove, which doesn't work for canning, so we set up the gas two burner outside and I was ready to try my hand at peaches.  I got this many done before just totally wearing out!
I have to say there is something comforting about bottled peaches.  Love them with cottage cheese!!  I started some jam, but I need raspberries to put with the peaches and some punch powder.  I'll be doing that a bit later this morning, and then sorting through another box of peaches to see if there are enough ready to can another round today!  ...oh and did I say I need more bottles?  Dang 4 years ago I could hardly give them away.  But, I'll go purchase some more.  Wish I was closer to all those spares my mom has!

Note for next year: HALF the tomato crop and no beets, fewer cukes and no kohlrabi.


Debbie said...

Love peaches.....yours look so pretty! I used to can and make jam. Love peach run jam.....add 1/2 rum or flavoring at the end of cooking.

QuiltSue said...

Your peaches look wonderful. They are my favourite fruit I think.