Friday, September 9, 2011

More on Quilting Styles!

Yesterday's post showed what happens when free motion quilting is hindered by the quilt going through the small quilt space of a domestic machine.  Sometimes the intended round circles became wonky.  With some quilts that is okay.  Yesterday's quilt was one of those.  It's a wonky quilt to begin with and lends itself to a freer style.  

What happens though when doing an art piece that is more controlled?  My sis called the other day and needed a quilt for a wedding gift and wanted one of mine.  So, we decided on my Liberated Challenge quilt (see labels below for more on that one).  I've been very frustrated with making feathers.  They just looked too rounded or tight or something.  I've studied Patsy Thompson's feathers and I've got a DVD by the Pajama Quilter.  I've been practicing since then.  I won't show you my garbage can of practices but this morning I hit on what my troubles may have stemmed from.  I was making my "loops" from the top.  When I started them from the bottom and worked up, they became more the style I was working towards.  Here's a sample of my practice next to my actual work on the quilt.

And then a close-up of the actual quilt.
 I'm still waiting on thread from an order, but by experimenting with threads that I have and the info on Superior Threads site about which needle to use I was able to use a top stitch size 14 needle with the "Bottom Line" thread and the coats and clarks heavy thread I had.  The khaki thread seems to work well with all the colors of this piano key border.  

I'm thinking I'll probably get this to the binding stage today and then get my two quilting projects bound and finished--today or tomorrow--depending on if DH decides to do something and wants me to tag along...   :)

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Helen in the UK said...

You've finally got the feathers to 'click' in your head - hooray!! Congrats to you on persevering :)