Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Needed Change of Pace

Sometimes in my quilting I get going and then before I know it, I'm more concerned with finishing a quilt than enjoying the process.  The last few days, I've gone through some scraps and stash and have made some blocks towards the

Now that these are made, I can sort other scraps and will sew them into a top at a later date.  These used up a fair amount of strings and in the process and sorted and bagged what I wanted to save for the crumbs in two different categories. I have quite a stack of crumb blocks, but that is always an ongoing project.

Yesterday I looked at my drawer--which is purposely small so that I don't get too backlogged--of HST's cut from the bindings I do.  I use these HST's that aren't true sizes to make WONKY stars.  This process of its nature just slows me down.  I don't concentrate on a project, I just sew, cut, measure and then put the finished star on my wall.  So far I have these from an older workday or two:

And these from yesterday.  I was able to go to that quilt store and get a couple more bags of scraps to add some different backgrounds.  It's a lot cheaper than buying fat quarters and adds some variety to my stars.
Who knows where these will end and how I'll use them in a quilt.  I'm thinking right now that either crumb blocks in-between or string blocks would make some cute donation quilts.  We'll see.  Right now, I'm just enjoying the process of assembly!


Mary said...

Pat, these HS blocks look great!! And I love your star blocks too!

Nann said...

The strings are ooh-ful! (I'm ooh-ing and ahh-ing.) And the stars so very cute.