Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New Flimsy

I had so much fun crumbing away yesterday!  I added some stars for a border and came up with this.  I'm still trying to decide if I should add one more border.  But, today we have soccer, football and I have some more peaches ready to can.

Finished the binding on this one and washed and dried it.

Stack now ready for giving.


LindaSue said...

Lordy gal it is just perfect as is. It just amazes me what you can do.

Got a little over 400 of the squares done, so today I am going to start to put them together,. 5 inch squares, 18 across, 21 down. The Moda pattern uses 14 across and 17 down for a 40 x 60. I think, need to go and look again. Anyway I want it for my queen bed. Will see what happens.

When cutting the 5 inch strips and then into 5 inch blocks I used all the leftover strips and sewed them
together in a long row and then cut them to make 5 inch blocks. That will add a little variety to the squares. Also did some triangles, so it will be scrappy. Each block is 3 layers of material and will be fringe at the seams. will post when done.

Kate said...

That's quite a stack for Community Connections!!!

fabulous color everywhere..

Kathleen said...

I'm catching up on my reading and I really love your colorful quilts. I hope to be able to create something like that soon.

Béa said...

Beautiful crumbs quilt !