Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictures Are a Poor Substitute!

An autumn drive and the beauties of the earth are everywhere!  Just can't capture the beauty with our inexpensive digital.

The drive is one not far from our house.  It's near Logan Canyon in northern UT.  Enjoyed the day with a visit to a quaint little cafe that has been in business since 1914.

Again--the quilt is in progress and the colors just don't show as well on camera as in real life.  I needed a break from creating and just wanted to complete this top that I'd precut.  The sewing was a bit boring, but I pretty well knew what the outcome would be and that's what I needed.  The quilt is one from Sue Abrey's book
I really hesitate to show my top as the picture just doesn't show the intensity of the colors well.  But, Sue had figured out how to cut and then border and that's what I needed.  It is a perfect quilt for a beginner.

The colors are soothing and the prints are stars and the aqua is a Christmas print that almost looks like ribbons for bows.  It is something I've had for a long time and the colors are what I now use for Christmas, so this will be a comfort quilt to go on the sofa.
 Once it is quilted, it will show in a picture so much better, but for now, know that when my quilter comes, this will be ready and a better product will be visible when I get it done!  Thanks to Sue, I was able to work out of my slight depression and also get a Christmas quilt started.  I have enough leftover pieces (cause no matter what, I just can't follow directions completely!!!--sorry Sue) for a wonky star wall hanging--we'll see!  I'm out of the soft off white stars--I had enough saved for the border, so when that is done, then I can start on a wall hanging.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the new quilt - the soft colors kind of threw me as you are so bold and bright. This is a wondeerful quilt and look forward to seeing it once quilted.

Pattilou said...

Yah, I've kind of reinvented myself several times in the last 10 years! When we purchased our house we're in now, I wanted aqua to go with the deep copper draperies that I have in my living room. I didn't have any Christmas stuff as it had been stolen and for about 5 years we were traveling to visit the kids and I just didn't have the heart to buy anything new. Figured that since I wasn't around for Christmas it didn't matter much. Years of dated ornaments gone!!! Oh well--whoever stole that picture of baby Jesus that I had been given as an anniversary gift I hope they are still enjoying it!!! :D big grin ... my new small Christmas deco set up is perfect--doesn't take much to put it up or take it down.

I found a small artificial tree about 3 years ago and found some copper and teal ornaments so this little quilt will fit in. If I purchased the fabric now, however, it would be a deeper shade for sure! Oh---am I ever going to use up my stash so that I can really just be the "new" me?!!!

QuiltSue said...

Trouble is, if you keep re-inventing, by the time you get to use the fabric you buy, you'll be someone else again!

Sand and Sunshine said...

It's nice to see another take on one of Sue's patterns. Kudos on finishing it up. Your Autumn vistas are beautiful.