Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Week! Design Wall Monday 11/28/11

I decided that it's time to pull these blocks from the drawer and get the top sewn together.  It was a BOM at the LQS and somewhere in the year I just lost my oomph for the project.  I've completed the blocks and now I've added the borders to 9 of them.

The shadow from the bookcase hides some of those on the right a little bit, but I can begin to see how they might look.  They are completing at 17 inches and I'm not sure if I'll use the pattern for the completion.  I've purchased the fabrics for a certain pattern, but I'm not enamored by it, so we'll see!  The block at the middle bottom row looks strange to me.  I checked the pattern and it is a friendship star and is sewn as the pattern shows, but I'm not in love with it, but I'm not ripping it out either.

Just to let you all know, I did get last week's tops sewn together and they are awaiting purchase of backing fabric--maybe at the beginning of next year.
If my quilter can do this one, I think I can piece some fabrics for a backing, just because it's a scrappy quilt.

This one, however, I'm seriously thinking of entering in the Moab Quilt Guild show in March.  It's just funky enough to get a few comments.  Some of the quilters there are very traditional and this might jar them a bit, but I love the outcome of this fun for me quilt.

It's time to check Judy and the progress of lots of other quilters.

Friday, November 25, 2011

These Weeks Keep Zooming By!

Too much food!  It's going to take a few days to get over all the eating and preparing!
 It's Whoop Whoop over here
This week though I did have a fun visit to the Family Connections Center and Sally had a few minutes to visit with me.  Her favorite quilts were these:

Isn't that funny--the ones I just zipped together so quickly on Sunday and Monday!
This is the stack I took to the center on Wednesday.

My favorite was this one, and Sally loved the sunshine in it.

I finally figured out how to use all the 1.5 inch triangles.  I didn't have a pattern as such, I just found a picture I thought I'd try.  This block is a prototype.  It shows up all the imperfections.  I've adjusted my sewing as this really showed up the flaws.  Even a the width of the needle can make the tiny 3.5 inch squares that I sew together to make the 6.5 inch block have to be "sew" perfect.  I may go into the store today and get a smaller needle.
The picture really really shows the imperfections more than the actual fabric.  I'll give this a whirl and see where it goes and I just may not worry about saving all those cut offs after I do this project!!!  The pressing is a nightmare.  a 6.5 inch block--wow, I must have really lost my mind!  I'm just at a place where I want to slow down the whole process.  I've begun to feel like a quilting factory!  I've donated all I'm going to for the year and I just received a big roll of batting, but I'm just going to try for a while--maybe just through December the "process".  Last year it was a 7.5 inch block and this year it looks to be even smaller--we'll see how long this lasts!

If not, I've got a BOM from the year that I can put together and some string blocks are always a possibility--I just don't want to buy any more fabric for awhile! I may get some tops done, but the backings will just have to wait!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Feet II

While browsing through fabric Sunday, I found 3/4 yard of Penguin fabric.  What to do?  Well I remembered that a whole cloth quilt was a possibility.  So I rummaged around and found some fabrics to use with that piece of Penguins.  I came up with a couple of donation quilts.

I didn't need to buy a thing.  Everything was in my stash including some matching thread.  Hooray!  When my family was young, mostly whole cloth quilts were what we used.  Many times we bought sheets and then tied them together to make a quilt.  There were a few times in our marriage that we couldn't even afford to do that and my church helped me out.  But, these happy quilts will go locally and hopefully make some child happy!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Design Wall November 21, 2011

Here it is Monday already--Thanksgiving is this week and I'm ready for it--anyway the shopping is done!  I've got a few things going.  This is the bed in my spare bedroom.
These are from a print out I got online in a yahoo group I used to belong to.  It's called the Waste Not Want Not Block.  I love using this block for scraps and boy do I still have some!

My wall looks like this
I got the idea to add the baskets I had into this quilt rather than in a strip quilt of their own and I think it's going to work out.  I plan on getting this one sewn today!

Just for those wondering how my design wall from last week turned out--well it's a finish and I just love it.  These pictures are before I washed it and since I washed it, it is sooooo cuddly and fun.  I really like it.

The flannel backing washed up so well.  It's now ready for donation.  What a great week ahead and I think I'll even get some sewing done.  We don't do much Christmas shopping, so things look quiet on the home front until Thursday.

Check out Patchwork Times for more 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Looks a lot like Christmas

I received a fun package from Norway yesterday.
I'm sorry that the photo is a bit blurred--I've already eaten the chocolate, so there's no return for a better picture!  LeKa has a really fun blog here!  I sent her the mug rug that is in the header of my blog and then I sent her some 60's fabric cut into Dresden Plates.  This is her fun thank you.  I was thinking I needed another purse, just for my cell phone and my driver's license for when I go to the gym.  This is perfect!!!  Thanks Lena!!!  That was a fun surprise!

DH has lights on the tree outside.  We probably need one more strand for the bottom as the tree gets a little bigger every year.  He got creative with the snowflake lights and put them around the bottom.  Since he doesn't do rooftop decoration anymore, I think this is a festive compromise.

My Christmas quilt is finished.  I got the pattern from
Sue's blog is here:

Judy's quilting is shown in detail on my quilt:
I hand stitched the binding down--probably my last for while.  I kept losing the needle in the floor which is carpeted.  The last time I found it, it was nestled in the fringe of a pillow from its fall.  Too scary to have a stray needle around!
Another finish.  This one turned out better than I thought it would.  I didn't really like the block, so I made 9 of them and then extended the length of the quilt with the stars.
Wonky stitching around one of the stars.
Close up of the backing fabric.  It was in my stash and a happy finish for this quilt.
The fabric wasn't quite wide enough, so I added a strip of 4.5 inch crumb blocks and altogether it made a nice, friendly backing.

So, that's it for this Saturday.  Have a happy weekend everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Is It Already Friday?

Another busy week.  I do have one quilty finish!
 It's always fun to take the fabrics from the front and use them in the backing!  I had a few strings left over, but not many!  Whoop! Whoop!

  This quilt is "Crossed Tracks" from the book, Save the Scraps by Gayle Bong.  I didn't add the borders the way she did in the book, I just made the center of the quilt and used the binding as the border.  I would use this pattern again, as each choice of fabric would make the quilt look different, and of course a border would make it much bigger than the 55 x 68 this turned out being.  This is a good size for a quilt to fold over a bed or a sofa and this size is one I prefer making, but at times a bigger bed size quilt is needed.  Judy quilted it with "tulips" quilting pattern as they seemed to replicate the tiny flowers in one of the prints used.  

Here it is almost 1 a.m. and I'm awake.  This time change still has me falling asleep earlier in the evening, then waking up and puttering around as I'm doing now.  Shortly, I'll be ready to go back to sleep.  I'm just glad I don't have to show up at a job in the mornings!

Shopping is all complete for Thanksgiving.  We'll have a few over for dinner that day. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday, November 14

Last week's design wall ended in a stack saved for future cuts of brights.  Right now I don't want to cut from new fabric as I don't yet know what I'll need to finish up some quilty starts.  So, I have taken some crumbs I've made and arranged them into the beginnings of a quilt.  These crumbs started from an over-abundance of surfer fabric, from quilts made for my grandson.   Now what does a surfer do in UT--well, move to California which my grandson (and his mom) did.  Now, I have all these bits and pieces I hope that someone will like in a quilt.

See here for what other quilters are doing this Monday
Happy Monday everyone and here's hoping for lots of quilty progress in your week.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Something Bright for a Cold Dreary Day!

Today the drizzle outside is supposed to turn into snow!  Aargh!  But, I keep busy at the sewing machine on days like this.  Some of my crumb blocks are now into two quilts.  Lime is the neutral for both of these.  This little happy boy quilt:

And this more quiet, subtle, girl quilt:
The indoor lighting takes away from some of the brightness, but I think you get the idea.  The girls quilt is 40 x 64 with 9.5 inch strips, the green strips are 2 inches before sewing and the crumb blocks are 6.5 inches before sewing--7 across.  This way I can use up crumbs with a resting space for the eyes inbetween all the busy-ness!

Hope you have a great weekend.  I know I will--I'll be mostly at the machine unless DH gets another Lincoln Lawyer book for me at the library.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Whoop! Whoop! It's Friday!

I've had a few finished this week.  See Here
A lot of crumb blocks made and then this finish
And this stack went to the local Family Connections Center
It helps me make my report when I have a picture of what I'm taking there.  All in all it's been a very busy quilting week.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simply Southwest

I finished the binding on this and it is now ready for the washer.  I posted about it earlier this week HERE

Monday, November 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I've got some crumbs going in country/fall colors but these blocks just make me happy.  I love doing bright strings with black centers.  These will be going into a donation quilt.  Not quite sure about the smaller blocks, but I'm making some of them too.  I can always use them in a strippy quilt.
Still a long way to go before it's a quilt.  However, this is my wall for today.  Link on over here to see some other Monday Design Walls

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Butterscotch Anyone?

When DH walked by this as I was photographing it, he called it Butterscotch.  I had some squares in a scrap bag I bought and I decided to simply put the squares together with four patches.  The caramel colored plain ones are a pin-whale corduroy.  I quite like the feel of it in a quilt.  The borders were some fabrics I had from some I bought for a mystery quilt that I never quite got into.
This one is quilted and waiting for a binding.

Next quilt is one I started working on and really didn't like the outcome, so I made enough blocks to make 36" square and stopped.  I still have some strips cut and I may make more, or I just may use the strips in string blocks, which I seem to never tire of.  Anyhow, I've got the borders cut for this--and maybe this one could be butterscotch...
 The pattern for the 12.5 inch block is found here

This next quilt is one I got an idea from when we went to an art show this summer and I saw a Native American rug.  I thought maybe I could collect various shades of tans and then add the square of turquoise.  I then found a set of off white "meringue" batik strips and simply started sewing them together.  

I got distracted and bored with that, and just wondered if it would work.  The sewing wasn't too inspiring.  But, I kept going and then the other night I tried pinning the back to some polyester batting.  I wasn't sure if it would work.  The batting was really thin so I used two layers.  Now with the depth of the quilt, I quite like it.  This backing piece is some fabric I just hated cutting up and I thought maybe I would cut a backing from it and when I saw it with the top, I knew I had a great fit!  I'll get another photo and show it in the right direction when I get it bound.  But, I'm just so excited with this quit, that I don't think it will go anywhere!  The picture just doesn't do justice to the variations in the muted tones and the bright sparkle of turquoise set into it.

This little quilt just needed to be quilted and I did that one night while DH fixed supper.  The binding was a snap.
 So, piece by piece, my unfavorite fabrics are finding their way into quilts!  Even my unfavorite batting is getting used up.  Maybe by Christmas, I'll come out sort of "even."

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Friday! Whoop! Whoop!

I have some finishes to report today! (finally)!  I dropped some quilts off yesterday to the Family Connections Center and this one was in the group.  Sally loved it!  She always loves my quilts and somehow that just makes me feel good about leaving them there.

I came home and sandwiched this little number together and also finished it.  

The black and white blocks were some from Bev's in Alaska's stash.  I can't believe I'm still finding some of her stuff to use.  These were in a baggie with some other black and white fabric and then I remember this cute little car fabric I purchased and put them altogether in a cute little boy's quilt.

Thursday is my favorite TV night.  Gotta always watch Big Bang Theory!!  I finished the hand sewn binding on this one started last week.  It's probably going to my sister.
I've been working on some patchwork blocks.  Next post I'll show some progress in that direction.  I did go through some of my fabric and made up a few bundles to take to the Linus drop off.  I talked with the director for this area the other day, and I'll be donating some fabric towards that cause.  Family Connections Center is still my first area of concern.  It's local, I have contact with the supervisor there and I know my quilts are going where needed.  It did feel good to go through some fabric and make some 60" cuts for someone else to tie into quilts for some of the local hospitals here.  I can't believe how 6 bundles hardly made a dent in my stash.  No wonder it doesn't seem to be going anywhere--a quilt takes a lot of time, but doesn't use that much stash--at least til the backing is cut, but a 40 x 60 quilt doesn't use much more than 4-4.5 yards when complete with piecing and binding!  I've finished my big roll of batting I bought earlier in the year.  I bought some other packages on sale, but they're not the "Warm and Natural" that I like using.  So until I can get a big roll again, I'll find ways to make bundles or tops to help use up stash without having to make quilts using my second choice batting.  Maybe I get in the sewing room today!   But for now--Whoop Whoop, I made some finishes!