Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's Up for 2012

 I recently visited Cat Patches  

 It got me thinking more about what I want to do next year.  I have a roughly formed list, but in the last day, I've thought more about things that will really get my creative juices flowing.  This year I've mixed old UFO's and new projects about half and half, but I did all the listed UFO's first and then started the new projects.  With Barbara's inspiration I am going to start a new project every month--or as often as possible without leaving a UFO for next year!  I've some flimsies in the closet that I want to finish, but they'll wait while I create for my own creativity.

I would like to mix some new techniques in with some traditional and as of yet, I'm not sure which I'll start first--maybe number them and  put the numbers into a hat and draw one out for each new project!

I've thought I'd like to do some dyeing and I have this white fabric as well as about an equal amount of natural non bleached fabric, so there's lots of fabric here to use.

 And then there is this fun minkee that I got at a real great Christmas sale and it begs to become a fun snuggly sofa quilt--just right for watching NCIS and Big Bang Theory!

 And then there is a traditional quilt book I bought that teaches the Burgoyne Surround Quilt that I could make in a scrappy version similar to this:

Or a Christmas Project I've wanted to do for quite awhile, but have been overtaken by all the other projects:

 Or this one I've purchased some Ricky Tims fabric for and have saved its start for some unknown reason--well maybe its just fear of cutting into that expensive fabric!

 Or a myriad of projects waiting in this book that I just ordered:

And then there is this project that appealed to my "brown" love
  So there you have it, my beginning list--there's more sure to come, but this will shake out the cobwebs in my quilting brain and get me going, right after January 1.  You can join in the fun too, just click the link at the beginning of the post and add your blog address to the linky thingee. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Under the Light of the Moon

So far this year I've completed 74 quilts.  I estimate that the yardage I've used this year is 328.27.  This figured on a method of W x L /40/36 for backing then for front, take that total and times by  1.2 for simple piecing, 1.3 for moderate piecing or 1.4 for heavy piecing.  Then add the amount used for binding.  I just realized that for the string quilts the amount equal to the back needs to be added in and I'll start doing that next year.  I didn't this year.  I've not calculated any tops donated or blocks donated.

This is the last quilt that will probably get done this year and is added into the totals.  The quilt is named "Under the Light of the Moon" which is symbolic for the receiver I'll be giving it to.
 The quilting, done by Judy is a swirls 2 pattern she has.  I like it with the string quilts.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

"What is Christmas?  It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.  It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace." --Agnes M. Pahro

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blog Hop Gift Arrived

Yesterday, I received my Blog Hop gift in the mail.  Even though I knew I'd won it, it was still a surprise.  What fun opening a surprise!

My gift:
The gift has two beautiful cards that you can see here:

The fabric was the surprise!  Mary Ann showed the pictures of the cards she was giving, but not the fabric.  It is just luscious!  It's something I will certainly want to dive into right after the holiday, because, I always want to do something with a spring color pallet and spring colors isn't what I usually have lots of!  She sent a sample block also that starts me thinking of some possibilities!!!  So, I'll be showing what I'll make of this as the New Year begins!

Thank you, Mary Ann of

We met our son at the airport a couple of days ago!  His children were so happy to see him.
They met him with smiles and signs!

I've been slowly working on this.  It isn't a big priority.  I found the fabric printed Santa with a 1997 kit datemark on the package.  No hurry--it's been around a long, long time.  I vaguely remember buying it at an after Christmas sale and then thinking I'd get to it someday.  It was a Thimleberries kit, but the picture seemed to be to beg for more formal fabric.  I dug around in my stash and found some fabrics I'd purchased and some fat quarter bundles with some glittery polyester in them, so I used the gold for the stars and the red for the candles.  Not the easiest to work with for 1 inch blocks!  But, it is now ready for quilting and I'm not sure how to quilt it.  Maybe I'll leave it for my quilter to do.  I need to open the box that holds the new roll of batting and I'm not inspired yet to do that.

I've got some butter getting to room temperature for some cookies and I think I'll go take a long bath and then play with my new haircut!  By then the butter should be ready for me to make Snickerdoodles--its all the neighbor's fault--there were only 2 in the bag of goodies and eating them reminded me of all those times as a college freshman we made Snickerdoodles!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm in LOVE!

After weeks of planning, shopping, and decision making, we purchased the laminate for our flooring.  I wanted something easy to care for and something the rollers of the chairs would slide easily over.  I nearly purchased a laminate I fell in love with, but after talking to a gal in the showroom who was replacing her wood floors with laminate I started to change my mind.  She told me the dark color of her flooring led to scratches, and endless "swiftering".  So I went to my local Home Depot and started looking, AGAIN, and this time a new salesperson was there and she was so helpful.  I didn't want remove the wood floor that was in the entry and some of the brown tones didn't work well with the cherry tone there.  So, we found a piece called "cherry block".  I thought I'd found my match, but I really didn't know for sure until it was installed.  Things are pretty much put back in place and I can now work again.  My computer works although we still have to call our DSL company and get DH's working with mine.  But, as I said, "I'm in love."

The continuity of the two floors.

The computer room/office:
And my sewing room:

The photo makes it seem quite stark, but the only project I have going right now is a fabric coiled bowl. The clean lines and lack of clutter will help me to stay focused.  (one can always hope)

My closet:
The bookcase storage:

Although my Friday finish isn't quilty--it will lead to making a happier quilter--ME!  So hop on over to Sarah's for Friday Whoop Whoop

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Traveling Stash

I've been following the tales of the Traveling Stash for about 4 months and it seemed so very intriguing to me.  For any of you that may not know what it is you can go HERE 
to read about it.  

I've been gifted many fabrics the past three years and its always a fun challenge to me to receive fabric from someone else and then work it into a quilt.  For me, I make those findings into donation quilts.  I use Wrap a Smile (WAS) or Wrap Them in Love (WTIL) or Family Connections Center locally for my main donations, and then I just dropped off some quilts to Project Linus locally.  I first learned about WAS and WTIL from Sunshine Yahoo Group or HERE   I also make blocks each month for this group.  One of each two blocks stays with Sunshine quilter, Tammy and she makes lovely quilts, the other goes to a lucky winner for their fun.  I just donated a quilt
from those winnings.

But, as usual, I digress!  

I have lots of stash--well, not as much as many, but for me it's a fair amount and as I've been moving it for new flooring in my sewing room I'll let you take a look and judge for yourself.

Click to play this Smilebox collage

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Sooo--hop on over HERE   to sign up for this one or just wish me luck and hope I win and then I'll blog about it here!

I've more stash to comb through and more boxes to move, more things to cull and right now, I'm going to have a cup of coffee and just browse some blogs for The Blog Hop Party   or Here for My Entry   

There's always the Design Wall Monday  Here  to visit.  Today my design wall is my bed.  But, the first picture I showed this morning is my finish from last week's design wall!

Have a Great Day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Hop PARTY Fun!

This give away is now closed.
So do you like give aways?  Join in the fun and see if you can win.  For readers of my blog I've got a giveaway that begs for some fun quilting.

If you are a fan of primitive quilting, I've got a magazine for 2011 projects from Primitive Quilts, rolls of wool for your project and a heart hanger to hang it on.  

A close up of the wool:
 Pastels of off white, pink and green.

To become eligible for this give-away

1.  Leave a comment as to how you got interested in Primitive Quilting.  Become a follower of my blog if you wish. (purely optional!)
2.  Be sure that your comment has a link or an email that I can follow in order to get back to you.  No anonymous comments will be answered.

This is an international applicable give-away.  Good luck!  I'll be using random generator to pick a number from the numbered comments.  This ends at midnight, Dec. 17, but I'll be sleeping :-), so I'll pick the winner Dec. 18 early a.m.

Join in on the fun and follow this fun as there are more than 200 bloggers giving prizes away! 

But, before you go back to the party, leave a comment!  Good Luck!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Quilts Just Finished

These quilts are probably the last of my donation quilts for 2011.  Link on over to Cat's Patches for more week long finishes!
This one from lotto blocks I won on Sunshine Yahoo Group.

These are from pink scraps.  (Although they don't look too pink on my monitor.)
The group including a whole cloth quilt I decided to quilt just for the fun of it.
After reading Sarah's Blog my finishes seem boring to me, but when I got them stacked and folded in the white plastic bag and took them to the drop of location for Project Linus I was met with a big surprise.  The woman I had been talking to on the phone and had received the info in the mail from, was there picking up quilts.  Now, you have to wonder about coincidences when something like that happens.  It was fun for me to meet her and feel her genuine warmth--that I had heard over the phone, but I got to put a person to the voice!  Now if I could ever just peek at the children getting my quilts.  I do hope they fill a void in their little lives!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pink Synchs With my Soul Today

I've been working with lots of pink this week.  I purchased a little bag of scraps--you know the kind no one really wants, so they put it on sale.  I love those little bags.  I love making something from them.  But, today, the pink just seems to speak for me.

Those quiet moments, when you wonder who you are and where you fit.  Those quiet moments when no one is around and you think about life, and it's purpose and the reason that we do what we do.  Many times I like to just fade into the background and observe.  I love to observe people.  I can watch them for hours.  Mostly it's on those observations that I wonder how I fit.  Most often, I don't.  I feel like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole.

Pink seems best today to synch with that feeling.  Quiet, fluid and peaceful.  Peaceful--I'm liking that as with the season of year, I don't seem to "fit" with most people's traditions and beliefs.  I'm just here.  Wondering how all the craziness of this "season of good cheer" got started.  I think it started when I taught sixth grade and we studied world history.  Then I got on a serious study of many of the Christmas traditions because many seemed to start with Rome trying to appease the Christians.  I started wondering how much of anything we practice has any "real" to it.  I guess that's the illusion--we just do what makes us happy and don't worry about it.

I like that, "Don't worry, be happy!"  So today as I seem to like pink rather than the red that is so abundant this season, I say to myself, "Don't worry, be happy!"  I can move past the seasonal affective disorder that keeps me off balance this time of year and just move forward--tiny steps, sew a little, listen to music a little, and rewind--for three months of the year this seems to be my pattern. 

Sew--today--I'm pink!

Here's one small finish and I've a few more needing binding.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall 12.5.11

I wasn't going to do it, but I'm doing some more kid's quilts.  This is a layout I'm looking at:
I'm thinking a black pindot border with a bright pink on the outside.  These are mostly blocks from a lotto win at Sunshine Yahoo Group.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times

Sunday, December 4, 2011

For more info, hit the link on the right of my page.  Been working on some kid quilts.  Pictures to follow.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 1965

WOW that's 46 years ago!   A very young 19 year old  married a 24 year old--who I thought was so much older and wiser than me...  I laugh now!  We were both so young! How does that ever translate into 46 years.  Well, I can tell you it's day by day.  Doing the hard stuff, the life stuff, the kids stuff, the couple stuff and the family stuff.  Many times you find yourself doing things you would have rather not done, but you find your partner doing the same for you.  Many times are happy, many times are sad, and many times--yep there's anger in there too!  But, as I have come to appreciate the man I married, even more than I could possibly have ever imagined, I find myself saying, Happy Anniversary to my Love, my companion, my partner, my ally, and the father to my children.

This is from the card he gave me:

There's a peace that settles on me
When I finally rest my head,
As I sense the soothing presence
Of your body in our bed.
All the stresses of the day
Seem less important when you're near.
With your touch, they start to vanish.
With your kiss, they disappear...
There's a beauty in our marriage
That maintains its power still...
As our love grows ever stronger-
Always has and always will.

Back at ya dearie!!  Happy Anniversary!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winds in Utah!

Hurricane like winds have swept the area around where I live.  The winds howled around us, but no damage in my neighborhood.  But, schools are out today and clean up in communities around here are cleaning up.  My brother said 100 mph winds kept power off in his business and maybe still today.  The news was incredible.  There was a clip of a trailer whipping a truck around, glass blown out of school buses and of course things like this:
 I've never seen anything like this in Utah!

and more
At least humor gets many through the force of the winds!
On the whoop whoop side of things, I'm making slow progress on my small blocks and I'm thinking I need a little more light--like a turquoise in the small 3.5 inch string blocks that off set the Birds in Flight blocks.  I'm going to work them in with some other blocks.  This could take awhile to complete!!!

So for me--not much quilting, not any decorating, but I have been shopping for flooring for my sewing room--does that count?  Go on over To Sarah's to see what everyone has been working on!  Happy Weekend!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is your road to quiltmaking full of loops and turns?

As often happens, I get into something and I ask myself, "What am I doing here?"  
Recently I ordered an out of date magazine, and I got this:  (not what I'd ordered!)
I looked through the pages and found some very interesting projects.  In fact, I would have loved some of them maybe 15 years ago.  I have found that my styles have changed though through the years.

Anyone else found their road to quiltmaking full of loops and turns? 

Another thing that has caused me to question my "style" has been my abundance of 1.5 inch squares.

I made this block and have been looking for others in a 6.5 inch size and I'm finding of course lots of blocks in a more country or antique style like Farmers Wife blocks for example.  I like them!  BUT, I've got lots of batik HST's and they just don't seem to fit the style of the blocks I keep finding.  So I decided I'd try making a 3.5 inch string block.  Now this is about the same time Bonnie Hunter's Orcha Bay Mystery came out with the directions to the very thing I had in my mind.  Too FUNNY!!!  I got around to doing some sewing this morning and used my dryer sheets as a foundation to the string blocks.  I may need to buy some more dryer sheets! 

  So to sort of come to some sort of end to my ramblings--I think the above is how I'll use the leftovers from this project:
I've still got 9 blocks left and I think I can design a quilt using both the new and the old blocks I've got from the various purples and blues.  

Many things going on in my head and we decided to go ahead and put laminate flooring in my sewing room and in the office so that the roller chairs can glide easily across the floor.  I'm waiting to hear from Home Depot on the bid and then the installation, so until then, I'm going to leave the Christmas decorations in the basement and do whatever scrappy sewing I can.  I'm still getting rid of fabrics from purchases when I was experimenting with "my style" and so they are still going to be eclectic!  

I've sort of, through the past few years, settled into very brights for kids quilts and still rather traditional for me and then the fun crumb blocks from the leftovers and of course always my favorite: string blocks!  WHEW!  Just writing that down will help me with fabric purchases and designs for future quilts.  Never an end to designs and quilts, I'm sure of that!

Join me in for the Blog Hop Party on December 10th. (See the button at the top right of my blog.) I'll be going to the LQS to purchase some wool to add to the Quilt Projects Magazine I'll be giving away on the Blog Hop!