Friday, December 23, 2011

Blog Hop Gift Arrived

Yesterday, I received my Blog Hop gift in the mail.  Even though I knew I'd won it, it was still a surprise.  What fun opening a surprise!

My gift:
The gift has two beautiful cards that you can see here:

The fabric was the surprise!  Mary Ann showed the pictures of the cards she was giving, but not the fabric.  It is just luscious!  It's something I will certainly want to dive into right after the holiday, because, I always want to do something with a spring color pallet and spring colors isn't what I usually have lots of!  She sent a sample block also that starts me thinking of some possibilities!!!  So, I'll be showing what I'll make of this as the New Year begins!

Thank you, Mary Ann of

We met our son at the airport a couple of days ago!  His children were so happy to see him.
They met him with smiles and signs!

I've been slowly working on this.  It isn't a big priority.  I found the fabric printed Santa with a 1997 kit datemark on the package.  No hurry--it's been around a long, long time.  I vaguely remember buying it at an after Christmas sale and then thinking I'd get to it someday.  It was a Thimleberries kit, but the picture seemed to be to beg for more formal fabric.  I dug around in my stash and found some fabrics I'd purchased and some fat quarter bundles with some glittery polyester in them, so I used the gold for the stars and the red for the candles.  Not the easiest to work with for 1 inch blocks!  But, it is now ready for quilting and I'm not sure how to quilt it.  Maybe I'll leave it for my quilter to do.  I need to open the box that holds the new roll of batting and I'm not inspired yet to do that.

I've got some butter getting to room temperature for some cookies and I think I'll go take a long bath and then play with my new haircut!  By then the butter should be ready for me to make Snickerdoodles--its all the neighbor's fault--there were only 2 in the bag of goodies and eating them reminded me of all those times as a college freshman we made Snickerdoodles!


Terri said...

Did I not read carefully? I miss a picture of what you were working on... You know last night while I was writing the most recent blog I hit some dumb key and deleted a picture, and went to the thingy that collects the pictures just before you add them to the blog and they were all gone... !@#$%^&*. So I went to pictures and loaded up the thingy again and entered the picture that had gotten deleted. Pretty soon I hit that same dumb key and deleted it again. I had to enter that 1 picture 3 times!!!! I think something like that happened to you. Somewhere between the son coming home and the snickerdoodles!
Love your blog!
Holiday Hugs!!!

rubyslipperz said...

Snickerdoodles are one of my FAVORITE cookies!!