Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 1965

WOW that's 46 years ago!   A very young 19 year old  married a 24 year old--who I thought was so much older and wiser than me...  I laugh now!  We were both so young! How does that ever translate into 46 years.  Well, I can tell you it's day by day.  Doing the hard stuff, the life stuff, the kids stuff, the couple stuff and the family stuff.  Many times you find yourself doing things you would have rather not done, but you find your partner doing the same for you.  Many times are happy, many times are sad, and many times--yep there's anger in there too!  But, as I have come to appreciate the man I married, even more than I could possibly have ever imagined, I find myself saying, Happy Anniversary to my Love, my companion, my partner, my ally, and the father to my children.

This is from the card he gave me:

There's a peace that settles on me
When I finally rest my head,
As I sense the soothing presence
Of your body in our bed.
All the stresses of the day
Seem less important when you're near.
With your touch, they start to vanish.
With your kiss, they disappear...
There's a beauty in our marriage
That maintains its power still...
As our love grows ever stronger-
Always has and always will.

Back at ya dearie!!  Happy Anniversary!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Happy Anniversay!

Miki Willa said...

A very happy anniversary!

Carol E. said...

Happy 46th!

QuiltSue said...

Happy Anniversary. As you say, we thought we were so grown up then didn't we?

Helen in the UK said...

Happy anniversary to you both :)