Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is your road to quiltmaking full of loops and turns?

As often happens, I get into something and I ask myself, "What am I doing here?"  
Recently I ordered an out of date magazine, and I got this:  (not what I'd ordered!)
I looked through the pages and found some very interesting projects.  In fact, I would have loved some of them maybe 15 years ago.  I have found that my styles have changed though through the years.

Anyone else found their road to quiltmaking full of loops and turns? 

Another thing that has caused me to question my "style" has been my abundance of 1.5 inch squares.

I made this block and have been looking for others in a 6.5 inch size and I'm finding of course lots of blocks in a more country or antique style like Farmers Wife blocks for example.  I like them!  BUT, I've got lots of batik HST's and they just don't seem to fit the style of the blocks I keep finding.  So I decided I'd try making a 3.5 inch string block.  Now this is about the same time Bonnie Hunter's Orcha Bay Mystery came out with the directions to the very thing I had in my mind.  Too FUNNY!!!  I got around to doing some sewing this morning and used my dryer sheets as a foundation to the string blocks.  I may need to buy some more dryer sheets! 

  So to sort of come to some sort of end to my ramblings--I think the above is how I'll use the leftovers from this project:
I've still got 9 blocks left and I think I can design a quilt using both the new and the old blocks I've got from the various purples and blues.  

Many things going on in my head and we decided to go ahead and put laminate flooring in my sewing room and in the office so that the roller chairs can glide easily across the floor.  I'm waiting to hear from Home Depot on the bid and then the installation, so until then, I'm going to leave the Christmas decorations in the basement and do whatever scrappy sewing I can.  I'm still getting rid of fabrics from purchases when I was experimenting with "my style" and so they are still going to be eclectic!  

I've sort of, through the past few years, settled into very brights for kids quilts and still rather traditional for me and then the fun crumb blocks from the leftovers and of course always my favorite: string blocks!  WHEW!  Just writing that down will help me with fabric purchases and designs for future quilts.  Never an end to designs and quilts, I'm sure of that!

Join me in for the Blog Hop Party on December 10th. (See the button at the top right of my blog.) I'll be going to the LQS to purchase some wool to add to the Quilt Projects Magazine I'll be giving away on the Blog Hop!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have a box full of 1.5" HSTs and have yet to decide what to do with them. And the barrel of course is full of the tiny squares. Maybe some minis next year. Now your course.

Helen in the UK said...

I've tried and abandoned a few things in my quilting career (about 11 years). I'm over applique, muted country colours, foundation/paper-pieced blocks and crumb piecing. I now prefer brighter colours, black/white prints (which I'm still collecting rather than using!). I love the look of intricate piecing, but Bonnie's mysteries are about as intricate as I can do!! Still love bright and easier for charity quilts :)

LindaSue said...

Love primitive quilting. I bought a book of patterns many years ago and made several hangings and table pads. Did them all by hand and did most of the work using blanket stitch on top. Sold two and still have one of the smaller table pads. I have the material here that I used. I never took pictures of them but should take one of the one I have left and post so you can see. They all turned out so cute. Later gal.