Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Under the Light of the Moon

So far this year I've completed 74 quilts.  I estimate that the yardage I've used this year is 328.27.  This figured on a method of W x L /40/36 for backing then for front, take that total and times by  1.2 for simple piecing, 1.3 for moderate piecing or 1.4 for heavy piecing.  Then add the amount used for binding.  I just realized that for the string quilts the amount equal to the back needs to be added in and I'll start doing that next year.  I didn't this year.  I've not calculated any tops donated or blocks donated.

This is the last quilt that will probably get done this year and is added into the totals.  The quilt is named "Under the Light of the Moon" which is symbolic for the receiver I'll be giving it to.
 The quilting, done by Judy is a swirls 2 pattern she has.  I like it with the string quilts.


Debbie said...

Oh, my goodness.....is this a record? Sounds like it to me. You have a fabulous heart for quilting and giving. I really like this one....colors and pattern and quilting....really soothing.
I here by name you the quilter with the mostest quilts done 2011!

Kate said...

Very well done, congratulations!!! Think about how warm 74 quilts would be if they were all piled on you... that's how much warmth you created!!

KatieQ said...

That's an amazing amount of work to complete in one year. You seem to pack more than 24 hours in your day. This last quilt of the year is beautiful. I love the colors.

Helen in the UK said...

That's amazing figures - approx 1.5 quilts per week!! LOVE the colouring on this quilt. Here's to an equally productive 2012 :)

rubyslipperz said...

WOW! that quilt-number is AWE-mazing!!...I LUV the colors in the quilt pictured, fabric-licious!