Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Watcher!

I finished the color challenge quilt and I'm giggling!  I've named it "The Eyes of the Storm."  I've hung it in my sewing room above my sewing area and it looks like a madman with eyes all over the place.  I just had fun with this one!  I didn't even measure it before I bound it and I think it's a little bit crooked, but with the really wonky just fun quilting, it all fits.  It's NOT a show piece.  It's just a fun quilt, and its done and I'm awaiting the February Color Challenge!  This also may work for my New FO for 2012 as it is totally NEW!

My design wall is busy.  I found more red fabric and I added to some blocks I already had for the Sunshine Yahoo Group Lotto for February, which is using red somewhere in the block.  I just about decided to make a quilt from these, but I rethought it and I'm going to just send in the whole lot of them for donation.
Then Mary, at the Heartstrings Yahoo Group added a challenge and I scoped through my things and found some foundations cut and one block started.  I then proceeded to finish up enough blocks for a quilt top, and got part way there with these:
 Since DH was gone, I just kept sewing--these were fun but the STORM in the sewing room was still brewing and I wanted to finish the binding on this little number that I've posted about before.  It is now done and ready for donation and I'll be taking it and some other quilts along to the quilt store that takes Project Linus donations as well as my sewing machine that is starting to rebel at its breakneck speed of yesterday!  

And then after I washed it
Since I've been quilting for a long while.  Some of the block ideas come from many places as I've posted Here

... and then there was a spark from Craftsy

My sewing room is cleaned up, and my cutting tools sharpened, new fabric has arrived and I'm ready to cut fabric while my machine is in for a tune up!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Whoop Whoop Friday, Jan 27, 2012

Friday!  This month is whipping by and I have done a bit more quilting than I thought I would back on January 1.  I do have some finishes this week besides the little table topper in my last post.  The string quilt finished up most of the bright strings for now.
The scrappy blocks I set together on my design wall also made it to a finish!  Whoop! Whoop!
 I've been working on some free motion quilting after I put these blocks together:
 I started out with a light ecru for the quilting on the corner blocks and then I did the leaf practice in the middle one.  I then found the aqua thread and I wish I would have started with it, but I'm not taking all that quilting out as this is a practice quilt and will also be a donation quilt.  The next few blocks I've done a meander with loops and some hearts.  I think it will be fine when it's all completed.  Right now, it's just a bit hard to tell.  Usually for donation quilts, I do a basic meander, but since I've been trying my hand at more challenging quilting this is taking a bit longer than most.  

Still been playing Words with Friends!  It helps to have something to play when there are reruns on of my favorite TV shows!  Absolutely laughed myself silly last night for Big Bang Theory.  It is one of the best written shows I can remember and the acting is top notch!  I just wish it lasted an hour--one half hour just isn't enough!

I'm also reading a thriller by Kate Wilhelm Death Qualified 

I really need to think about books on tape, but the one I tried, just wasn't the same as reading it--I think it was poorly done, so maybe I'll try an audio again.  That said, there is just something about reading a book that can't be replaced by either a movie or a tape! (old fashioned, I know!)

Looking forward to doing lots of tying up loose ends today!

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