Monday, January 9, 2012

Old Friends, Sewing Machines and Fun

Saturday I traveled to Moab, UT so that I could participate in a day-long sew-in of sorts.  One of the guild's members, Tommye had provided her stash of 5 inch squares for us to make 9 patches into 4 patches or disappearing 9 patch quilts for the Children's Justice Center there.  She had color combinations of all sorts to choose from.  

If you've followed this blog for any amount of time, it will come to no surprise to you that I picked the fall colors stack!
  Laura came with some kits already made for quilters to take home.  She's in the lower left of the above photo.

On closer examination of my sewing the squares together, from the cameras view, I didn't rotate one of the squares right, but I'm home now and it's there and I don't think anyone will pick it out and resew it.  I think they'll concentrate on the backings and then the quilting!
 It looks to me from the picture, that the bottom right square needs to be rotated, but I think it would probably take a quilter to notice it.  

It was really a treat for me to get with this guild and just sew and visit.  I don't usually make the trip down there for such things, but the weather was so mild and enticing for the trip that we took the weekend and headed to Moab.  
 Patti with her stack of brights ready to be sliced into 4's.  Notice the absolutely stunning quilt on display at the It's Sew Moab Shop.

Murine cutting the squares for us and Mary cutting her own.  Mary's quilt top was gorgeous purples, yellows and pinks.
  Pat and Peggy sewing and Shauna in the background.  Now where did Tommye, the provider of all the fabric disappear?  Marion, back by the colorful stained glass window quilt is busy making her top.

Fun day, fun friends!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Looks like a lot of fun - I noticed that lovely quilt right off the bat - how exquisite!