Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's Musing 2.13.12

Yesterday was one of those days when I didn't set my hair, put on makeup or even have a matching outfit.  I read a novel--another one of my favorite authors this one was an older one- McNally's Gamble by Lawrence Sanders.
Our son was traveling home from his schooling in Mississippi and I was a bit concerned about the weather and his travel, but he made it home!!  Hooray!   The grand kids didn't know he was coming and were surprised by his return.
It's been a long six months for them and now things will be more normal for them.

My mind turns to those suffering the loss of family members whose lives will never return to "normal" and who must now find a new normal.  There are many!  In the news a lot here in Utah has been the sad saga of the little Cox boys who were murdered and in a heartbeat removed from their loving extended family.Story found here

On to quilting events and totally non earth shattering!

It seems I've lost a little zing in my quilting.  I did manage to put together a top from some fabric I had as well as some additions from two World Wide Swaps from my Liberated Quilters Yahoo Group (see side bar if you think you might be interested in the many fun quilting ideas there.)
Reds from last year's swap and Clare who sent them from France:
And the red border was found in my swap from this year, thanks to Ann who sent me lots of little goodies for my donation quilts for kids.
I got into some crumb blocks I'd started and have this on the design wall for today
The blue/green was in the swap box and has gold giraffes on it and will take the non kid blocks into a more kid friendly top.  These two tops will go in the box I've started for Gloria in Southern Utah who is making quilts for St. Jude's for teenage mothers.  I'm sending these two with the big twin size for her to quilt, the twin is too big for me to handle and the little ones--well as I said, I'm not that much into stuff right now, so now that I've assembled one and ready to do another, I'll count that as a finish for me--for now!  (sometimes I just need a break from the donations!)  I do have a bag of some from last month to drop off for Project Linus.
This is the contents of the world wide swap box from Ann:

DH and I took a little trip to Sandy UT on Saturday and had a lunch at Sweet Tomatoes!  I love their fresh food with lots of variety!  But, the place was very noisy!  It was Saturday in UT and many families with kids clad in soccer outfits were also having lunch.  The good food though made up for the noise!

I found my way to a quilt shop in Murray and extended my colors for the February Color Challenge (see side bar).
I bought a little extra and came up with two possibilities.
And this is the second, and the one I think I'll go with:
The one orange may be a bit too strong.  I'll see how it works into the pattern I've chosen for this.  I really hope to get to this today after I've sewn together the kids quilt top and mailed it!!!

I'm putting away the chocolate brownie blocks for awhile.  The man I was making it for has returned to his home back east, and I won't really be needing them for him.  I'll get them done and put together for DH, but maybe for next season!  I'll also be looking for some suitable brown flannel for the backing for that too.  But, as I blogged before, I've grown a bit bored with it!

That's it for Monday's musings.  I'm ready to grab another cuppa Joe and start sewing the blocks from my design wall. Check our other Design Wall Monday posts on Judy's blog


Vroomans' Quilts said...

A lot of blocks there - and love your selection for the color challenge - I have yet to start that - off to the LQS today with a little hope.

Kathie said...

Love that first super bright quilt!! Bright quilts always make me happy so hope it does the same for whomever ends up with this.

Clare said...

Love the liberated stars in the second quilt.

Heather said...

You have so many fun projects in the works. Hope you get your "zing" back soon! And thanks for sharing the sweet homecoming pics. Too cute! :o)

Kathy T. said...

What great pics of your son and his kids! Everything's always better when daddy's home.

I really like your colors for the Challenge - the orange might just add the sparkle to make the whole thing sing! We'll see, won't we? Hint, hint to show the results ...

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

I noticed your great button on the side of your blog supporting gay marriage. Thank you, thank you! I've copied it and put it on my own blog.