Friday, February 24, 2012

Whoop Whoop Friday!

Yesterday, I made a totally unexpected turn and completed a top.  I was working on my color challenge for February and wondering if I'd get it done, and as I often do when stressed a bit about something, I just start making string blocks.  They show progress quickly and before I knew it I had 19 made and thought to myself, "Just 5 more and I'll have a top."  So, I made five more and then sewed them together.  I don't have the borders yet, but this is made just from scraps from my backings.  It looks so inviting to me and the flannel makes it more so.  DH has one I did for donation, but when it was washed it was so comfortable and warm, it never left the house!
I also got the borders on this little quilt and it's now ready to sandwich, but I'm just not in a quilting mood this week!
Here's a picture of it folded over the banister, but not yet even sandwiched.
I've been working on another quilt and only have two blocks left and then it will be ready to put some on some sashings, and maybe that will be done by next Friday.  I got one quilt ready for the quilter, and the backing fabric came this week, so I'll post pictures of it when it's completed.

Sooooo--even if I've been quiet, I'm making some progress.  I'm still working towards my goal of ridding myself of some stash and acquiring new solids and more modern fabrics moving away from my more traditional choices of the past.  I'll venture there and see how I like it--maybe to return, who knows!  Today though, I'm going to finish cutting that color challenge.  (That is the most challenging of the project as you'll see when I get it pieced and a photo taken.)  I'm not sure when I'll get to practicing my quilting lesson this month.  I've not really been into that.  Next week: a trip to Moab and an Art Quilt retreat, so I'm trying to get something ready to take with me when I go.

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Have a wonderful Friday!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

At least you know to de-stress - going back to the comfort of strings will revive. The color and fmq challenges are just challenges - not a dire necessity. So if they are not a part of today, they may be tomorrow.

Diane said...

Nce job! I have a pile of strips I have been waiting for a day to get started on... maybe today is the day :)

Carla said...

All your projects look amazing! Great words of wisdom from Vroomans' Quilts!

Helen in the UK said...

Those strings are soooo pretty! Suffering with horrible cold here, so no sewing or crafting as head too muzzy. Getting my crafty fix through others' blogs :)

Sarah Craig said...

Love your string quilt, but oh, that smaller quilt is amazing!!! Whoop whoop!!

Brita said...

Whoop Whoop! Love those blocks, Patti Lou, and the strippy is such fun. Feels good to get something done!

Sara said...

Very rewarding quilt tops done for you Patti Lou:):):) I adore the colors in that one hanging over a railing!

Michelle said...

I love the look of strip quilts. Have never made one myself. It's on my some day list. Yours is just lovely.

And what a cheerful little quilt. I'm very partial to wild and scrappy. Your little quilt sings to me. Very cool design in that block too.

LP Creative Designs said...

Patti Lou,
Wow....I'm so impressed!! What a treaure chest you have of your beautiful creations!
I have a quilt that Grandma Parsons made....gosh how old could that be??? I recently had the edges redone where I had a pinstripe ruffle put on it. The one you completed on Fri 24 th reminds me of that. The colors, the fabrics, the design. Is strings a technique that was used back in the earlier years when women were quilting?? There's such a beauty to this style. I just love all your work!!
Well. Cat Stevens wrote a song: "Our House".
That song reminds me of your life right now. From the outside looking all looks picture perfect. Enjoy ....I know it's never really as perfect as we'd like but it seems so very, very sweet!!
Love to you and Bravo on all your many accomplishments!! <3