Friday, March 30, 2012

How Did It Get to be Friday Already!

The biggest event this week, wasn't about quilting, but about my bi-monthly lunch date with my school chums!  We had such a great visit and before we knew it we had been there in that same booth from 11:30-4:30.  It takes me an hour each way to travel and so that was a FULL day!  We've already scheduled our May date and already I find myself looking forward to that!

I blogged about my request to make a quilt for my DIL's mother for a gift for a co-worker.  After a few seam rippits, I have now finished this simple little boy's quilt.
and its label
And while I was at it, I assembled another little quilt--this one for donation--with another directional pattern that had me a bit stymied.  Simple nine patches made quick work of it!  The only problem is that I bought 3 yards total of directional cowboy prints and I still have plenty!
I did manage to quilt a bit on this one.  I started using some yellow thread from my Liberated Chocolate and Lemon quilt and thought maybe I'd try some feathers.  The thread is a bit heavy for that design, especially for a contrasting color, but I'll be danged if I'm going to pick it out.  I tried moving it into a wavy line to make it less obvious.  Please leave a comment and let me know if it's okay for the Hands to Help Challenge.  The size is perfect for the Chemo part of this challenge.  (See top part of my blog for the "working" button)
It's just that I don't want to send something that doesn't look good.  I've still got quite a bit of quilting to do--especially around the baskets, and most likely after washing it will look like it's just A-okay!  (Well anyway for a Free Motion liberated quilter on a DSM)

Well, that's it for this Friday morning--better get cracking at finishing up some starts!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/26/12

Wow!  A blank design wall!  How did that happen?  Well--I've many projects to complete and Monday is my day of looking ahead toward the week!  But, there's only one project on the design wall
It's the first section toward my Liberated Round Robin II.  This is the first section and I really don't know until the second set of directions is given where I'll be going with it.  So, for now it stays in the upper corner of the design wall.  There's nothing else on the wall--but on the bed, another story.
One of my DIL's called and her mom needs a baby quilt--still haven't quite decided what to do, but these are the fabrics I've pulled after texting some of the fabrics on hand.

Then there's this:
A project I'd pulled from the drawer--this was before I got the call about a baby quilt...

But, I spent a good deal of time making some BLING for my daughter to sell.  It's in the box and ready to be mailed.  The rhinestone belts are so darn cute, but the figuring out how to add the grosgrain ribbon took a few tries and some modifications.  But we used her old belt and new ribbon to figure it out.  Two belts, hers included and two bracelets from the rhinestones are in the box ready to be sent.  Let's see, I used to like decorating myself with such things--it seems now I just want to fade into the background.  DH says about 25 lbs would change that!  (I'm working on it as we speak!)

These are some of my tools for that enterprise!
A side note--there are differences in widths on ribbon.  Has 1 inch ribbon always been 7/8"?  Just wondering.  I did find though that the ribbon I bought at WalMart, the Offray brand is a bit wider than the Michael's brand and it was enough to make the difference on the blingy belt!!!  (so how much do they make in profit by cutting the width 1/8"???)

One last pair of MIL's pants that still need alterations awaits!  Better get a wiggle on as she really likes these!

I've got some things ready for mailing!  So, a busy week ahead.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why are so many of my quilts named after FOOD?

Chocolate Lemon Sunshine is now done.  I got the bag of scraps from Carol at  They looked really fun and I pondered over them for awhile.  How was I going to take yellow and brown with not enough of each to make a whole quilt from either.  I was a bit tired of making 12 inch blocks and I remembered in one of my Yahoo groups this quote, "Just doing it seems to be the secret. ... I inherited fabric and was always waiting for a perfect project to use them -but now that I have purchased (or won) my own fabric it's easier to let both the old and new fabric go...."

So, I thought that I could use this "letting" go to do a liberated quilt.   I began the liberated strings and added the stars because I had so many smaller pieces!  I've only one 4 inch crumb block left after all this! The crumbs were from other projects and in a stack in the basket of pre-made blocks.  Of course there are a few crumb block starts, but I won't count them for now!

Voila!.... this fun quilt was born!

This was certainly a fun project and now will go as Carol wants--to Wrap A Smile Rotary.  When I placed the quilt in a box to send to Wrap A Smile, I added this little quilt from my finished stack of quilts.

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I've got another quilt that I started in practice for this one, and I'll quilt it until I either run out of thread or get finished. So, back to the sewing room!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/19/12

Last week I received a package of scraps.  I wasn't sure how to put all the large and small pieces together in a traditional design so I opted out of that and used some inspirations from Gwen Marston's Liberated Strings.
I had so much fun with that, that the sewing just zipped along.  So far this is what I have.  I've also put some crumbs together for a border, but I'm not sure yet how they'll play.  Hopefully I'll finish this top today!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Hop Party--Giveaway!

 This entry is now closed.  Thanks to all who joined in the fun!  The winner is Melinda who added her name on Monday.  Congrats Melinda, you'll be receiving an email from me!  I also have one more set that I finished and they will go to Samantha who entered Saturday. 

There's a lot of fun again as quilters visit other quilter's blogs and a giveaway is involved.

I'm offering some mug rugs for this giveaway.  They are complete with a couple of teas and some hot chocolate mix that is packaged about 20 miles from my house.

This is my giveaway--United States Only.  Just leave a comment and make sure you are a blogger that I can respond to.  Friday, March 23, about 8:30 a.m. MDT, I'll draw a winner,  Good luck and thanks for visiting.
So, pull up a chair, and a cup of Java, hot chocolate or tea and browse through the

And just remember...


This little quilt has been one I've blogged about quite a bit  Here  and HERE The blocks were a stretch for me, but very fun to do!  The pattern from Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  

 The quilting however, was another story.  I used some batting that I had.  It was a press to adhere polyester and it was wrecking havoc with my machine, but I think with the busy-ness of the pattern and the backing, I got away with a few goofs.  It is now DONE! DONE! DONE!
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and Crazy Mom Quilts

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking Inventory!

I've got some starts in my quilting drawer that I thought would be a great idea to make an inventory of where I am in the project!
I've got these postage stamp blocks done.  These are 6.5 inch squares sewn into 12.5 inch blocks.

The tiny 1.5 inch squares call for some help:
Since I don't work on these all the time, I need to remember which way I sew them and which way to put the units together:
I've not done what other quilters have done--have no repeats!  Not me, I just want to sew as many of these 1.5 inch squares together into a postage stamp quilt as I can!  I haven't yet decided on the size I'll use, but I really like the looks of those small blocks.  DH thinks I've gone crazy!

I've also sewn together some blocks for the Sunshine Yahoo Group Lotto for March--of course in greens!
And these:
And these:
I was going to sew these into a quilt, but I've changed my mind!  I'm TIRED of these dinosaur prints.  I've used them in about 3 quilts so far, and I have bits and pieces of them in other crumb blocks, so I'll send them along for the Lotto, or for Tammy to use in donation quilts for Rotary.
I also have these pastels for the April Lotto:
I counted the 9 patches I've been making from 1.5 inch squares and I have 73--about half of what I need for a quilt I plan on making.
This is the magazine article I'm saving to use for the nine patches

Yesterday, DH and I bundled up in the 54 degree sunshine and took the top down
in the convertible, rolled up the windows and turned on the heat and drove
around like we didn't have better sense! Today should be 60 so I think we can
manage. He posed an interesting question--does it seem warmer at 60 degrees in
the spring than it does in the fall? Well, after yesterday, I would vote yes!
In October, we just start putting the top on and quit acting like silly

So that's a portion of my inventory and also a start for Design Wall Monday!  Linking over to Judy HERE

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Color Palette Challenge for February

It's a bit late, but it has been a fun challenge for me.  The official place to post this is now closed, because of the post date, but I'll post about it here before I send it on to the quilter.

The February Color Palette Challenge appeared HERE

I shopped for fabrics and made my selection
Changed it up a bit here

My first layout
Then this:
Now this--the piecing is now FINISHED!
The pattern "Whirlin' Dervish" comes from MillerQuilts by Margaret J. Miller  and the  pattern  is still on the internet HERE     In 2009, I don't think I could have done it.  But it's 2012 and I have!!!

Out of curiosity, I looked  dervish and found out about a word I had know little about before this.  It is an Urdu phrase "darveshaneh tabiat" that means "an unflabbable or ascetic temperament."   That would mean self denial--of which I know little about.  Ha Ha!

But, it is also a whirling dance that is associated with Turkish Dervishes and is said to symbolize the movement of the planets in relation to the sun represented by the sheik, who supervises the dance.

I like the Persian phrase which means "one who opens doors."

If one looks at the quilt pattern one can almost see the Persian dancers whirling and dancing!

I'm excited about my new quilt top and can't wait to get it quilted!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Murphy's Law

This last weekend, I made my new annual trip to Moab for the Fabric Arts Quilt Retreat with great expectations.  The picture I thought I took of the entrance to Redcliffs Lodge didn't show up on the photos of the camera...

But some other shots that DH took of the area around Moab, came through.
From the patio of our room at the lodge.  Beautiful eh?

Another shot from another angle and this one during the morning hours.

Snow had just dusted the red rocks earlier that week.
The LaSals loom large in the background.  Such unique scenery with the red rocks and then the forests behind in the distance.
Along the River Road from Moab to the Lodge.

Balancing Rock, I think this one is called.
An arch in Arches National Park.

While indoors with the retreat, I took what I thought I could work on.  My sewing machine seemed to rebel.  I thought I could quilt, but the machine kept skipping stitches and so this little quilt, that would usually take under and hour or so to quilt, didn't get completed.  I found I could use the walking foot and have success, so I did what I could and then put it away!

As soon as I finish some piecing of this (color challenge for February...)
For sure, I'll take the machine in for an adjustment.  Part of the problem could have been the thread, so I tried Bottom Line in both top and bottom and practiced on my machine quilting, but still met with some resistance when I did this sample so I put that away, too!
Luckily, I had taken some mug rugs that needed binding, so I worked on them, but that wasn't very artsy for an art quilt retreat!!!  LOL!!!  (That could be part of the Murphy Law Weekend too, don't ya think?)
As luck would have it, I had such I hard time breathing that I could hardly walk from my room to the conference room.  I handed the camera over to DH and let him just hike to his heart's content and I continued as best I could.  When I got home, I found the lung capsules the chiropractor had prescribed last spring and WOW, I was like a new woman--wish I would have put them in the bag we took, but I just didn't foresee all the problems.  But all in all, it was so fun seeing those that I met last year, and making new acquaintances and also getting some great ideas.  Jenny always puts together a fun retreat.

A shot of DH and I with John Wayne!!!
And of all the retreat participants
Until next year...