Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/26/12

Wow!  A blank design wall!  How did that happen?  Well--I've many projects to complete and Monday is my day of looking ahead toward the week!  But, there's only one project on the design wall
It's the first section toward my Liberated Round Robin II.  This is the first section and I really don't know until the second set of directions is given where I'll be going with it.  So, for now it stays in the upper corner of the design wall.  There's nothing else on the wall--but on the bed, another story.
One of my DIL's called and her mom needs a baby quilt--still haven't quite decided what to do, but these are the fabrics I've pulled after texting some of the fabrics on hand.

Then there's this:
A project I'd pulled from the drawer--this was before I got the call about a baby quilt...

But, I spent a good deal of time making some BLING for my daughter to sell.  It's in the box and ready to be mailed.  The rhinestone belts are so darn cute, but the figuring out how to add the grosgrain ribbon took a few tries and some modifications.  But we used her old belt and new ribbon to figure it out.  Two belts, hers included and two bracelets from the rhinestones are in the box ready to be sent.  Let's see, I used to like decorating myself with such things--it seems now I just want to fade into the background.  DH says about 25 lbs would change that!  (I'm working on it as we speak!)

These are some of my tools for that enterprise!
A side note--there are differences in widths on ribbon.  Has 1 inch ribbon always been 7/8"?  Just wondering.  I did find though that the ribbon I bought at WalMart, the Offray brand is a bit wider than the Michael's brand and it was enough to make the difference on the blingy belt!!!  (so how much do they make in profit by cutting the width 1/8"???)

One last pair of MIL's pants that still need alterations awaits!  Better get a wiggle on as she really likes these!

I've got some things ready for mailing!  So, a busy week ahead.

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Clare said...

You're going to hate me! The block bottom right is supposed to be a house and it's lying on its side! LOL. Sorry.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just love the 'big cats' fabric - how fun is that. I enjoy seeing other's fabric chaos - doesn't make me feel so bad.

Kathy said...

I love your blog and your quilts. I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.