Friday, March 30, 2012

How Did It Get to be Friday Already!

The biggest event this week, wasn't about quilting, but about my bi-monthly lunch date with my school chums!  We had such a great visit and before we knew it we had been there in that same booth from 11:30-4:30.  It takes me an hour each way to travel and so that was a FULL day!  We've already scheduled our May date and already I find myself looking forward to that!

I blogged about my request to make a quilt for my DIL's mother for a gift for a co-worker.  After a few seam rippits, I have now finished this simple little boy's quilt.
and its label
And while I was at it, I assembled another little quilt--this one for donation--with another directional pattern that had me a bit stymied.  Simple nine patches made quick work of it!  The only problem is that I bought 3 yards total of directional cowboy prints and I still have plenty!
I did manage to quilt a bit on this one.  I started using some yellow thread from my Liberated Chocolate and Lemon quilt and thought maybe I'd try some feathers.  The thread is a bit heavy for that design, especially for a contrasting color, but I'll be danged if I'm going to pick it out.  I tried moving it into a wavy line to make it less obvious.  Please leave a comment and let me know if it's okay for the Hands to Help Challenge.  The size is perfect for the Chemo part of this challenge.  (See top part of my blog for the "working" button)
It's just that I don't want to send something that doesn't look good.  I've still got quite a bit of quilting to do--especially around the baskets, and most likely after washing it will look like it's just A-okay!  (Well anyway for a Free Motion liberated quilter on a DSM)

Well, that's it for this Friday morning--better get cracking at finishing up some starts!

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Sarah Craig said...

Well, I think the H2H quilt is pretty cool - and the feathers fading off into a different design kind of fits in with the general style of the quilt! I love it!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Quilty bird said...

I really like that top quilt!