Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Murphy's Law

This last weekend, I made my new annual trip to Moab for the Fabric Arts Quilt Retreat with great expectations.  The picture I thought I took of the entrance to Redcliffs Lodge didn't show up on the photos of the camera...

But some other shots that DH took of the area around Moab, came through.
From the patio of our room at the lodge.  Beautiful eh?

Another shot from another angle and this one during the morning hours.

Snow had just dusted the red rocks earlier that week.
The LaSals loom large in the background.  Such unique scenery with the red rocks and then the forests behind in the distance.
Along the River Road from Moab to the Lodge.

Balancing Rock, I think this one is called.
An arch in Arches National Park.

While indoors with the retreat, I took what I thought I could work on.  My sewing machine seemed to rebel.  I thought I could quilt, but the machine kept skipping stitches and so this little quilt, that would usually take under and hour or so to quilt, didn't get completed.  I found I could use the walking foot and have success, so I did what I could and then put it away!

As soon as I finish some piecing of this (color challenge for February...)
For sure, I'll take the machine in for an adjustment.  Part of the problem could have been the thread, so I tried Bottom Line in both top and bottom and practiced on my machine quilting, but still met with some resistance when I did this sample so I put that away, too!
Luckily, I had taken some mug rugs that needed binding, so I worked on them, but that wasn't very artsy for an art quilt retreat!!!  LOL!!!  (That could be part of the Murphy Law Weekend too, don't ya think?)
As luck would have it, I had such I hard time breathing that I could hardly walk from my room to the conference room.  I handed the camera over to DH and let him just hike to his heart's content and I continued as best I could.  When I got home, I found the lung capsules the chiropractor had prescribed last spring and WOW, I was like a new woman--wish I would have put them in the bag we took, but I just didn't foresee all the problems.  But all in all, it was so fun seeing those that I met last year, and making new acquaintances and also getting some great ideas.  Jenny always puts together a fun retreat.

A shot of DH and I with John Wayne!!!
And of all the retreat participants
Until next year...


rubyslipperz said...

how FUN!! Sounds like there were some good times inspite of "old Murphy.=P


judith lockhart said...

My husband and I love that area - have been several times and hiked through Arches! Nice to see more photos! Didn't know there was a quilt retreat there.