Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking Inventory!

I've got some starts in my quilting drawer that I thought would be a great idea to make an inventory of where I am in the project!
I've got these postage stamp blocks done.  These are 6.5 inch squares sewn into 12.5 inch blocks.

The tiny 1.5 inch squares call for some help:
Since I don't work on these all the time, I need to remember which way I sew them and which way to put the units together:
I've not done what other quilters have done--have no repeats!  Not me, I just want to sew as many of these 1.5 inch squares together into a postage stamp quilt as I can!  I haven't yet decided on the size I'll use, but I really like the looks of those small blocks.  DH thinks I've gone crazy!

I've also sewn together some blocks for the Sunshine Yahoo Group Lotto for March--of course in greens!
And these:
And these:
I was going to sew these into a quilt, but I've changed my mind!  I'm TIRED of these dinosaur prints.  I've used them in about 3 quilts so far, and I have bits and pieces of them in other crumb blocks, so I'll send them along for the Lotto, or for Tammy to use in donation quilts for Rotary.
I also have these pastels for the April Lotto:
I counted the 9 patches I've been making from 1.5 inch squares and I have 73--about half of what I need for a quilt I plan on making.
This is the magazine article I'm saving to use for the nine patches

Yesterday, DH and I bundled up in the 54 degree sunshine and took the top down
in the convertible, rolled up the windows and turned on the heat and drove
around like we didn't have better sense! Today should be 60 so I think we can
manage. He posed an interesting question--does it seem warmer at 60 degrees in
the spring than it does in the fall? Well, after yesterday, I would vote yes!
In October, we just start putting the top on and quit acting like silly

So that's a portion of my inventory and also a start for Design Wall Monday!  Linking over to Judy HERE


rubyslipperz said...

You've got some really fun projects in the works! =)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your inventory was eye-candy for me!! Love the postage stamp in progress and all those tinies just tickles me.

Carol E. said...

Friend of mine made that floating nines. i love it! I didn't realize it took that many nine patches! I have a top made from small squares, too... am pondering a border before i go further with it.

Helen in the UK said...

Lots of lovely blocks, but my fav. has to be the postage stamp ones!! FAB for scraps and kudos to you for working so small and keeping your sanity :)

Kathie said...

wow you have been busy. I love postage stamp quilts, just never wanted to play with that many tiny pieces.

Gari said...

Looks like you can never get bored cuz there is always something different to work on. Good job.

Kathy T. said...

You sure have been productive! Love those postage stamps, love those green blocks and love the fun in the wind in a convertible!!

Vicki said...

the postage stamp is so pretty... but I LOVE those green stars! Nice job on your projects. And I agree, why does a 60 degree day this time a year feel so WARM!

QuiltSue said...

You've got a lot going on there. I love the look of the 9-patch project.

As for the temperature conundrum, I agree. In the spring, at 60 degrees I'll take my coffee outside, but in the autumn there's no way I'd sit outside at that temperature.