Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aaaah, Spring.

Not much quilting going on here.  The spring weather has beckoned me outside to enjoy the warm air and sunshine.  DH got the top put back onto our little Pergola and we added a screen on the west side so that the sun doesn't sear us in the afternoons.  This is the first year we beat the rush and were actually able to purchase it.  It's a bit of heaven in our little retreat.
My little "secret garden" is now planted with annuals to fill in some color.  Now we just wait for the season ahead to bring the warmth and the growth.
Our little aspen tree grove we planted just four years ago is doing much better than we ever anticipated.
Last year I trashed some pots and this year a bought two more.  I could still buy more--they are so beautiful, but really sink a hole in the budget and they become slave drivers to keep them watered.  So these will do nicely enough!
The tomatoes are waiting their new home!
A close up of my little herb garden.
I did finally finish the valence for the bathroom.  It was about 4-5 inches short--how in the heck!!!  I measured so closely.  But I added something to the edges to make do.  I may still change it, but for now it is up!
A before picture:

And--the after:
Now to find a shower curtain in a cream color.  I just keep forgetting to add it to my shopping list.

Shhhhh--this is a peek into the Liberated Round Robin II challenge.  I've now got the pieces sewn together and will unveil it later this week!

Now to get the hanging sleeves and labels onto the quilts I'm putting into the HMQS for May!  Ugh!

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