Friday, April 27, 2012

My Liberated Challenge

This little piece has taken on a mind of its own and I've just followed it.  This morning this is the picture I've taken of what I have so far.  The challenge this month was to add color to unify the pieces.

This is where I was last month Blog

Raggety Sister left a comment that this
 reminded her of a "hip city neighborhood."  My mind took a new turn from there!

I started adding pieces and changed the colors I wanted accented.  I also changed the direction of one of the main pieces.

I discarded this
and this
I ended up with this
Still not liking it, I changed it to this
Now, I've got an idea for a border, but I'll wait til next month for the step 4 directions!  See Here for other quilter's designs

A story has come to mind as I've been sewing.  Memories of my childhood neighborhood and what some of the pieces mean will be added at the finish.

I'm also linking over for a Whoop Whoop! here


Sue R. said...

This is so much fun! Love this liberation! I have to get busy with mine! Thanks for the inspiration, Patti!

Janet said...

I love how you had pictures to show what you had, and what you changed. That makes looking so much better!!

June D said...

Pattilou - Hop over to my QuestQuest blog and check out today's post. I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award today. Your blog is full of such interesting and creative quilts. Thank you for your inspiration. : ) June