Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whoa! I Got This from the Leftovers!

I got looking at where I was with a BOM club quilt and made a few changes.  I had some strips cut for the piano border and saw this cute quilt idea Boxed Strings  Long story short, I made nine inch boxes and then did the diagonal cut and ended up with nearly all my leftovers from my other quilt (sorry, I'm not posting its picture just yet) used up!!!
Now I just need to find backing fabric for the backs of both quilts.  I'll send the big one to the quilter and do this little number for donation myself.   Linking on over to Sarah for a Whoop Whoop

We hosted a family get together last weekend.
                                                           The Grands and Grampy!

The following week day K and C came over for a few hours and C helped me vacuum my broken dish!
I had actually cleaned up the slivers quite well, but of course a vacuum is an open invitation for him.  It's a little like playing with the hose out front for him!  Gotta love his willingness to have a picture taken!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheaters Aren't That Bad!

Recently, I've been on a whirlwind trying to get some charitable flimsies done.  I had a couple of cheaters (pre-printed blocks) lying in a drawer.  They are now ready for quilting.
Also in the drawer were some pre-cut squares that I finally got made into a top.
I guess these could be called "monsters in the closet" now!

July is a month for novelties over at Sunshine Yahoo Group lotto.  I got these four ready for mailing--maybe there will be more by the time July rolls around.
From that same fabric, I got a few other starts.
and then I need more rust for this to become a medallion.  I'm thinking some rust would work well in with the grey and cheddar on the one just above this group.
I used up several strays for these little animals
The two different giraffe prints look better in person than on this monitor.  Those giraffes with the blue eyes are a kick!

I'd like to finish these donations up by October so that I can concentrate on some of my own quilting.  But for now, they are all in the closet awaiting finishing or sandwiching.  My daughter and her son are flying in tomorrow and my sewing room needs to be cleaned up so it can hold the suitcases!

Linking over to Sarah's blog here:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beginner's Quilt-Along

A couple of days ago I made block one for the Beginner's Quilt-Along Found Here

I just finished block two and actually did two of them because I used some 2.5 inch strips
Here's block one and two
and the extra one
I actually may make two each time I make a block so that when finished, I have two boys style quilts for donation.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Little Bit Vintage

It was actually my paternal grandmother that planted a seed for my love of quilting.  Recently, while at my sister's house, she gave me a piece of fabric she'd used to repair a quilt that was our grandmother's.  I came home and used some of that fabric in a little girl's quilt.

Because that fabric had been pre-washed and I added it to my other fabrics that hadn't been, I needed to quilt it more than usual so that there wouldn't be big puffy places where there are spaces in the quilting.  I used a meander quilting and after it was washed it just took on the look of a vintage quilt itself.  I backed it in flannel so it is a very comfy quilt.

Here's a shot from the front:
I was so anxious to see how the quilting puffed up that I forgot to take a picture before washing.  Those seem to be the better pictures, but this is the final quilt and is so nice to the touch.  I love, love, love how a quilt looks after I wash it!
 I blogged about the blocks last Monday Here

My stash is being used up so that I can at least have a boy's quilt!  Cowboy boots--should appeal to someone who either loves cowboys or whose grandpa is a rancher or wears boots.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

70 West 100 North

My Liberated Round Robin piece is now complete.
For now it hangs above the fireplace.  My living room needs a little brightening for the summer months and it will stay there until I can get a quilt completed for the big wall where the stairs are.

Reporting on the serendipity of this quilt which would be to say that
Serendipity is the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things. 

I found some new skills while working on this quilt.  I paid attention to some posting on the Liberated Quilting Yahoo Group about invisible thread and decided I'd try my hand at using some.  I had some missteps and tension things to work out, but I'm sure I'll use this kind of thread again.  I also machine stitched the binding using the invisible thread and I liked how it works for that.  I have a hard time with hand stitching, so this could be a blessing for me!  It doesn't show up as much as using cotton thread for that finishing step.

I also used some quilting ideas I'd not tried before:
 I did a pebble stitch and some lines and on the dark blue small border I did a Greek motif to practice square corners.

I had purchased a  
 and some
 WOW is all I can say.  I've wanted the supreme slider for awhile and kept putting off buying it, but I can say after doing some practice quilting on this

 I am totally sold on that Supreme Glider.  The tension of my machine worked for free style quilting with so much more ease and the glider made the movement of the quilt in my home sewing machine much smoother!!!

Serendipity indeed!!!

Here's more about my Liberated Quilt. 
On Monday May 7 I did a whack job on the quilt.   There was something about my piece that I didn't like and I decided it was the bottom.  This is my piece awaiting the last step:

Okay, here's what I'd done with what I had.  (some of those smaller parts were from Clare in France).  The pieces that I had last
Raggety Sister left a comment that it reminded her of a "hip city neighborhood."  My mind took a new turn from there!

I kept looking at the piece and decided to not use red, but use orange.  I moved things around and came up with this

The little piece with the girls playing dolls was a little scrap from some fabric I'd sent off to Sunshine Quilts and I'd planned just using it in a quilt for some child.  But, I thought, "Why don't I make a semblance of my childhood neighborhood?"

I grew up for the most part in a business district of a small town.  Across the street was the elementary school and down the street was the butcher, the cleaners and and electrician's shop.  My dad had a bakery.  We lived in the apartment above it until I was about eight and then my parent's purchased the house just next to the bakery. (Located at 70 West 100 North--thus the title of the quilt).  The little girl is me playing with a friend at my house.  The house on the right is her house.  It was in a neighborhood.  I loved that neighborhood and thus I put the little window on my friend's house that represents the love I felt when at her house.  The black in front represents the street the bakery and the house is located.

I decided I needed a sidewalk between the lawn and the street and added this

But, as I said before, it bothered me--too much black at the bottom and the strip for the dividing line was too big.  So, I cut it down and this is now my piece.
Well, that's the story of the pieces, the assembly of the quilt and the story with it.

Now, I'm linking over to Sarah for a Whoop Whoop  She's showing a quilt I may use for a project to use some brights I've got sitting around it.  It would be fun to have some BIG pieces in a quilt for a change!
Also connecting to Quilting by the River  and  Sew Many Ways

Monday, June 4, 2012

Design Wall Monday 6/4/2012

I haven't put anything on my design wall for quite awhile.  I combined four blocks I played with and added some string blocks.  I hope to get to it today and finish the top and get it ready for quilting.

First I put the blocks together like this
The foundation started at 10 inches and I added the picture and then tried a crazy patch type block.  I had ordered some pinks and greens because I didn't have much on hand and when they came, I decided that black and white dot would make a cute center strip for a string block.  I then made 12  nine and a half inch blocks from that.  They could be placed with either the green or the pink next to the crazy blocks.  I opted for the green to give a bit more contrast.  I plan to border this with a 2 inch strip of black and white dot and then I'll audition for the final border.

Linking over to Patchwork Times

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photos of the Week

Strawberries from the garden!  YUM!

I have to admit when I got this photo I nearly had a heart attack!  My three year old grandson.
...then I noticed the straps.  Honestly, he is so much like his dad!

and I can hear him going, "Vroom, vroom!"

This one reminded me of his dad in his monster 4-wheeling days!
Not to leave granddaughter out.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I won't tell--not just yet anyhow!  I've been working on a quilt for a challenge and I have a few pieces put together.
...and I've blogged about it.  However this morning I just sandwiched the completed top into a quilting ready piece, so I'm not going to blog about that until it's done.  It has a story with it and I'll share it all soon.

In the meantime, over at Cat Patches the linky party for the May finishes is underway.  This quilt wasn't on my list for New Finished Objects, and I've blogged about this one before, but here is the post for Cat Patches that I'm linking to for this quilt
I was going to add it to the HMQS state quilt show in May, but as it turned out, I went to Vegas that weekend and didn't want to give someone else the responsibility of the quilt.  So, with other unmet deadlines for this quilt, I'll add it to the May finishes since I didn't get to put it into that show.    (But, I have the other quilt I'll be showing at the end of June!)

Quilting things have really slowed down for me.  Partly due to just not being up to quilting mentally and physically! Lots of non quilting things planned for June and I'll be lucky to complete the quilt I'm working on by the end of June!