Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheaters Aren't That Bad!

Recently, I've been on a whirlwind trying to get some charitable flimsies done.  I had a couple of cheaters (pre-printed blocks) lying in a drawer.  They are now ready for quilting.
Also in the drawer were some pre-cut squares that I finally got made into a top.
I guess these could be called "monsters in the closet" now!

July is a month for novelties over at Sunshine Yahoo Group lotto.  I got these four ready for mailing--maybe there will be more by the time July rolls around.
From that same fabric, I got a few other starts.
and then I need more rust for this to become a medallion.  I'm thinking some rust would work well in with the grey and cheddar on the one just above this group.
I used up several strays for these little animals
The two different giraffe prints look better in person than on this monitor.  Those giraffes with the blue eyes are a kick!

I'd like to finish these donations up by October so that I can concentrate on some of my own quilting.  But for now, they are all in the closet awaiting finishing or sandwiching.  My daughter and her son are flying in tomorrow and my sewing room needs to be cleaned up so it can hold the suitcases!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

OMG - just love those kats!. Panels and pre-prints are not cheating, they just make things a little easier. And the recepient will love them!

Pattilou said...

I went to a luncheon for Project Linus last week and realized the harder I make the quilts the fewer there will be for the children. I vacillate between production of quilts for them and practicing my skills and then giving the quilts away. Last week when I found those cute panels, I just giggled knowing that some little child wouldn't even know that they were "cheaters". They'd just love the pictures. They will be a breeze to quilt and then Project Linus will have two easy to me quilts! It's a win, win!
Thanks for the visit!

Kat said...

Like you, I always want my donation quilts to be beautiful, while allowing me to practice my skills. But I realized this year that I probably could have made 2 (or 3) simple ones in the same time it took me to make 1 more complicated one.

I *LOVE* the giraffes - that's my all time favorite animal.

Linda said...

Cheater panels serve a good purpose! Your little quilts are going to be loved!

KatieQ said...

It's certainly better to use the cheater panels (I prefer to think of them as partially prepared quilts) than to leave them on the shelf. Some little child is going to love then.
I love the way you made the border on the yellow and green quilt. You really got a lot done.

Sarah Craig said...

Goodness you got a lot done, Pattilou!! I love cheater panels for quick quilts - you can always dress it up with a great border, interesting quilting or a pieced back. And they do get done a lot quicker, and into the hands of some child who needs it! Whoop whoop!!