Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whoa! I Got This from the Leftovers!

I got looking at where I was with a BOM club quilt and made a few changes.  I had some strips cut for the piano border and saw this cute quilt idea Boxed Strings  Long story short, I made nine inch boxes and then did the diagonal cut and ended up with nearly all my leftovers from my other quilt (sorry, I'm not posting its picture just yet) used up!!!
Now I just need to find backing fabric for the backs of both quilts.  I'll send the big one to the quilter and do this little number for donation myself.   Linking on over to Sarah for a Whoop Whoop

We hosted a family get together last weekend.
                                                           The Grands and Grampy!

The following week day K and C came over for a few hours and C helped me vacuum my broken dish!
I had actually cleaned up the slivers quite well, but of course a vacuum is an open invitation for him.  It's a little like playing with the hose out front for him!  Gotta love his willingness to have a picture taken!


April said...

awww so cute! my little 3 year old loves to 'help' mama vacuum! Your quilt is lovely, as always. April@Little Mama Hen:)

Kat said...

I love putting leftovers to good use. Beautiful string quilt! And what a handsome helper you have! If he's free tomorrow, could you send him my way? My floors could use his expertise ;-)

Sarah Craig said...

That's such a neat quilt, Pat! I love to see new innovative ways to use strings. Whoop whoop!

KatieQ said...

I love the colors in your Boxed String quilt. I haven't tried that pattern yet. It looks like it would work well for a WTIL or WAS quilt.
Your very blessed to be able to spend time with your beautiful grandchildren. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It only makes me a little jealous.