Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabric Pieces Into Quilt Tops

I've had some Dr. Seuss Fabric for a couple of years now and it's high time I made it up.  I figured out a pattern to best use the pieces to show off the print the best.

I still need to figure out how to cut a template to make each block the same, but for now I took the two different blocks and placed them on opposing corners.
Here's an up close shot of the blocks.

I'm in a sewing/piecing mood right now and I'm not sure when these will get finished, but I'm surely happy to have the 12.5 in pieces cut and set aside for a BQ quilt for the rest of the red and 3.5 inch pieces cut with the rest of the yellow.  I'll get some 12 blocks from those.

I went to the store the other day and was very discouraged.  The Dr. Seuss fabric is $12 a yard.  I couldn't find any bright red other than Kona.  I may settle on that.  I still have a 40% off coupon for up to 2 yards.  Kona might be my best bet.  I can go back before the coupon expires.

I know I got this fabric for around $6 or $7 a yard online and on sale, but I got just a yard of each thinking I could work it into more of a highlight in a quilt top rather than using the fabric for the whole quilt.  I'm going to have to make a serious decision when these fabrics are gone as to how much donation quilting I'll be doing!!!

I have stumbled over a small piece of fabric just one too many times.  I sewed that little bit of fabric from somewhere  into a simple quilt. If I remember right, it came from a fabric bundle--but anyhow it's done.  The yellow sashing is brighter than it looks in this picture.  Kind of a twist on modern quilts.
I had a couple of strips sewn awaiting something and I finally decided to make horizontal strips.  I ran out of the pink, but it's now sewn into a top and after its quilted, I think it will work just fine for a donation quilt for Project Linus.
The backings are cut and the bindings too so that I don't go on a rampage and use up what I need to match these.  Now that they are in the closet, they don't seem to annoy me anymore.


Started working on piecing a crumb quilt last night, but I don't have that sewn together yet.  But, what I've done qualifies for a Whoop Whoop don't ya think?!


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KatieQ said...

The Dr. Seuss quilt is so cute. $12 is definitely sticker shock, but that is what the new fabric lines cost in our LQS. It makes using the stash so much more attractive.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love how you are using the Dr. Seuss fabrics. I know what you mean about sticker shock! I've resorted to using everything I can from my stash.

Kat said...

You have been super busy! I love all your tops and your Seuss block is adorable. $12/yard for more is crazy... hopefully you'll stumble across another good sale!

Kate said...

Oh those prices are scary. I have been lucky to find some serious sales and online bargains. But then I hate not buying from my LQS. I struggle with that balance. Great quilts!

Helen in the UK said...

The Seuss fabric is fun and I like how you've used it. Great stippy quilt too. With prices rising like they are, thank goodness we have stashes :)

Quiet Quilter said...

I have several pieces of Dr. Seuss and can't decide what to do with them...Cute fabric,,,must cut into them sometime! Yours looks very promising...keep going...