Saturday, July 14, 2012


In my last post lamenting the $12 sticker price on quilting fabric, I found a few bargains at Elaines Quilt Block

It was such a lovely experience.  There were so many fabrics that just had me in heaven and I would have loved to buy a lot.  But my mission was to use a coupon I'd purchased for $15 that allowed me to buy $30 of fabric.  It was a 35-40 minute drive and it wasn't too long before I went looking for the restroom.  The sales help were busy assisting others so I figured it would be where the classes are taught.  So, I ventured downstairs.  Not only did I find the rest room, but I found some lovely fabrics cut in 2-3 yard pieces for $4 a yard.  I picked up several then I started adding them up in my head and put half of them back!

I then went upstairs and found a package of fat eighths in Black and White.  It's very hard to find just the right black and white fabrics.  This little package brought me half way to my $30!  I found some bright fat quarters I think will work into some lovely blocks with that black and white.

I also found a lovely hand quilting hoop.  It was a $58 floor model marked down to $20!!! I couldn't believe my luck!!!
There it is all assembled and I've draped my latest quilt top along with a package of that $4 a yard fabric.  I think it may work for the back.  It looks a little dull on my monitor, but it's actually a fun bright green.  I'll blog more about that quilt when I get it finished.  There's lots of history in that little number!  Back to the quilting frame--maybe with the high price of fabrics I can slow the process down by doing some hand quilting on some smaller pieces.  We'll see--my personality seems to be a "vroom -vroom" when it comes to quilting and maybe I can't really slow it down, but for $20 I just might try.  The great big quilting frames I had, were just too big.  This may just work!

Anyhow, I ended up adding some thread to bring my purchase up, as I just wasn't ready to commit to buying $10-12 fabric quite yet!  But, I'm still ecstatic about my little bag of goodies.
  This morning I felt pretty good--I've been breathing so much better lately and can do my yard work again, and I was cutting of the dead heads on my daisies.  I looked at a Red Star Cordyline that the sun seems to have beaten down a bit and I decided to put it on my front porch out of the direct sun for a bit and see if it gets a little color back into its leaves.  Anyhow I pulled a pot from the back and filled it and went to the local nursery.  Found some goodies and some at 70% off!  Doing a happy dance again!

I found the silk flowers and put them into the hole of the antique butter churn (that has no churn)!  *grin*
It seemed to spruce up the porch a bit and the new planter seems proud to now be of use.

Well, now that I've shared my shopping adventures, I'll go back to sandwiching some quilts so I can quilt and finish the quilt tops!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, you did very well indeed! Super buy on the frame and look at all the fabric.

April said...

Yay for good deals! I've never hand quilted, I think it would be fun. :) I picture myself hand quilting and watching the little ones play quietly, but I know that's just not how it would be. ;) but maybe I'll try anyway. :)

Helen in the UK said...

Quilty fabrics at bargain prices, who could resist!! Love the look of those B/Ws and the spotties :)