Friday, August 31, 2012

My Favorite Jam Recipe/ Strawberry Peach Jam!

I'm making jam now for holiday giving.  This is an old recipe that I got from my mom and it's such a bright red colorful Christmas gift for neighbors.  It's taken me a long time to come up with a traditional gift for them!  With the addition of bearing peach trees I now have a personal gift!

Strawberry Peach Jam
6 cups crushed peaches
2 cups crushed strawberries
 (I use my blender and crush these in a moment)
Add 1 package strawberry Kool-aid
Stir then sprinkle 1 package Sure-Jell over the top and wait until it dissolves.  I add about 2 TBS. butter to stop the foam from forming when the jam boils.

Bring the above to a boil and then add all at once 8 cups of sugar.  

Boil for 7 minutes and  pour into sterilized pint jars.  

Makes 5 pints



I am taking the opportunity of sending some of my tops on to a fellow Sunshine Quilter!  I have five tops done from various Sunshine Lotto's this summer.
And then some brights I was putting together for some blocks just "happened" to make it into a top.  The fabric is some I've dyed trying the process.
Back to more canning of peaches for now!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taking a Rest!

With so many things that need doing around here, including finishing a big quilt for my son, I'm taking a short break from blogging.  

Be back shortly!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Whoop! Whoop!

Each night, I have a little more energy, so I must be getting used to them being here, but today we take them home.  It's been a great visit and I'm so glad I decided to invite them here for a visit!  We got jammies made for one and a quilt started for another.  Thank goodness for netflix as it saved me from the mindless Disney kid shows--what has happened to TV for kids.  The shows I watched made girls look like idiots--so we had a conversation about it and found Annie and Matilda on the streaming and they watched those!

Yesterday we had a big party:
       A local cupcake bakery set up a table for us and we had sandwiches, Italian sodas and of course--nope not cupcakes, they chose a yummy cheesecake dessert!  They were excited and we drove in my PT convertible to the bakery--with the top down no less!

Luckily, I did get some quilting done before they came:
I didn't get a really good shot of the quilting, but I used some circles and I have to say I'm getting better at them than when I first tried them.  These almost look like basketballs!

Other quilting finishes HERE

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Sewing~~Finishes for Project Linus

This weekend I finished up two more quilts for Project Linus:
This one was a sentimental one.  Many of the fabrics contained in this quilt also contained memories.  The second quilt I made for our oldest grandson, circa 2003-2004, were made using the skateboarder fabric.  He loved his skateboard and was very good on it.  Lunn Fabrics was in the process of changing over about that time and offered the end of the bolt and I bought it hoping I would have plenty.  Well, being a beginning quilter, I didn't know what "plenty" meant.  I've used that fabric in many quilts, but this used up the last of it--unless there are some crumb blocks in a stack somewhere I've not used in this one. 

There is also the remnant of the fabric I used a few years ago for his surfing quilt.  I had plenty of that too.  I made a quilt for him, some bedroom accessories and a quilt for his surfing friend that was in an auto accident.  The bits and pieces in this quilt remind me of my love for him and how I've shared with him a quilt for his interests as he's grown.  He's now 16 and on the surfing team for his high school.  Who knows what future interests for him will be.  He's a unique young man with many insights.

Here is a close-up of the skaters.

I quilted the quilt in an "organic" style of lines--which loosely interpreted means, not quite straight, but close.

The other quilt finished is this girl style quilt I made from scraps and also quilted it in an "organic" line style, which is perfect when I don't know what else to do and I really want to move on to another quilt as I still have quite a few to finish.
I have a busy week ahead and I doubt there will be much quilting.  I'm waiting on some African fabric so I can work on the bed quilt for my son.  I got some thread that will work on my youngest grandson's "big boy" quilt, but I don't know if I can get that done this week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Quilts Ready for Delivery

Just a few finishes before I move on to finish a really big quilt.

This one is from some previously used focus fabric.
This this dinosaur goodie:

With a jolt, I realized yesterday that my son's birthday is closer than I thought.  I'll be frantically working on this one so that it can become a big bedspread type quilt.

With that said~~~~
I guess I'd better get cracking!
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Scraps, Scraps and More Scraps

When purchasing fabric, I never seem to realize how long it will take me to make a quilt!  As I've been working through the fabrics I've wanted to get used up into donation quilts, it's taken me quite awhile to make the quilts.

As in previous posts, anyone can see I've made several crumb blocks from the focus fabrics I've had left over!

This quilt is made by taking 6.5 inch crumb blocks and sewing them into one big 12.5 inch block.  I made eight of these blocks of similar variations, using the "cats" fabric and I had a bit of "giraffe" fabric I made into similar blocks.  I needed eight of these:

I then took 7 blocks from the 6.5 inch size and added a border made with 3.5 inch fabric.  These blocks are 12.5 inch blocks.
I then sewed the blocks together in this fashion:
Since I didn't have enough of the tan fabric for a border, I added some fabric I had that blended into the rest of the pieces.  Remember, my object is to use up what I have and reduce my stash of the focus fabrics!

Another little quilt I quilted yesterday is from some cat fabric.

 This is the tail end of that fabric and I used the leftover blocks in the backing.  I purchased 2 yards of the gray fabric and used up every little piece of that so there are only two small strips thrown into the scrap drawer.
I hope to get that bound in black today and get it washed for delivery!

This little number was completed.
I practiced a few different kinds of quilting in the different borders.  Practice! Practice! Practice!  Sometimes I get into a production mode and just want to finish so that I can get onto the next project, but this one was small enough to provide some practice.

This past week we had our some of our family here.

Our eight year old found he liked sewing on the machine.

He sewed a few lines and then started cutting his fabric and then making it into hand warmer, arm warmer and foot warmer.  But, the cutest was his hat he made.  His first one was too small, so I helped him measure and then he sewed this together:

 He's quite independent and has a visual picture of what he wants.  His impatience keeps him from staying with it for a long time, but for an eight year old, I see some promise!!

The girls were busy making flip flops with water balloons tied to the foot piece.
The other granddaughter has to wait for some bigger flip flops as the ones we got were a bit too small.  But, she's got the bag of balloons and the idea and I'm sure they'll get the right size on their way home!

The youngest found that watering is his favorite past time.
Now for some shots that the eight year old took of Grampy's garden.  This was where he first headed when he got out of the car.  He loves the garden and he's not bad with the camera either!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cleaning Up the Scraps!

I don't like to have the scraps get away from me when I make some quilts and the recent round of focus fabrics needed to be dealt with and not mixed in with my other scraps.  Well, that said, that's just my opinion and my way of dealing with the scraps.  This week I've been making crumb blocks from the scraps and have just about enough for one quilt that I have in mind for these.
 My monitor bit the dust Monday and so I went shopping and didn't get these posted on Monday, but I did get another little quilt made from some cat fabric.  I used a coupon at JoAnn's and got the front and back done for a little quilt, but it's in the guest bedroom and we have guests so I guess you'll have to wait on that one.

I did finish this binding and the quilt is now part of my office on a little love seat there.

That's probably "it" for this week as I think I'll be spending some time with our little guests--two of our grandchildren from Idaho!  Dad is doing business in SLC at an outdoor retailers market because he's a buyer for a big outdoor/ranching firm based in Idaho and doing business in several places throughout Utah and Idaho.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jelly Rolls--In My Opinion

I've not been a real big fan of jelly rolls, but I have got some finishes this month from them and I caught a really cute top made by Sharon HERE   I followed the link to Crooked Seams HERE  and I realized that I actually have three tops and one quilt ready for binding that have made it from my machine and my quilter's machine this month.  I just think I've changed my idea about jelly rolls and will try some of the cute ideas I found through that blog.  Great info Megan!

First, I started with a jelly roll a long time ago and finished This Slice of Lime  I saved the blocks leftover from that and then used the cut of pieces and made very small HST's that I made into a 6.5 Birds in Flight block.  The quilt is now finished and returned from the quilter and now is ready for binding.  I love the variation from the original quilt!  But here is the new one.
I guess you could say that I got "Two for one" on this because two quilts came from one jelly roll.

I had three jelly rolls of Riley Blake "All Sports" and I thought maybe I could use one of them up in a beginners quilt challenge.  Well----I just got going and made 4.5" width strips by sewing two 2.5 inch strips together.  I could use that size in the 12.5 inch blocks and ended up with three new tops that are now ready for quilting.  So, I'm going to share these on Crooked Seams for July.

This is the first one done with a tan toned background.

And this one from a more taupe colored top that I needed to finish with white background as I ran out of the taupe and it didn't really go with the tan I had started--so I made the second one here:  (I sent this off for Sarah to finish into a quilt at

This next one is the final quilt from the jelly roll--this makes THREE quilts from the beginnings of one jelly roll.  This one is the one my grandson picked yesterday that he wants me to quilt for his "big boy" quilt (he's now 3) and needs a big boy quilt rather than his baby quilt.

For this top, I used the blues and reds in the jelly roll and extended them by some fabric I purchased recently that was on a Thursday special at Stitch-n-Frame.